Sunday, 3 July 2005

Jackart's Appearances in The Mainstream Media

Your average blogger has a kind of teenage girly infatuation with newspapers. Like an outwardly cool 15 year-old professing "whatever", we're secretly delighted when the cool boy from the 6th form notices us.

Of course part of the reason for blogging is the dream that one day someone will say "this guy can write, and he knows his stuff. Why don't we pay him the riches of Croesus to write for us?" and offer a column at a National Newspaper on a Toynbeeesque Salary. So if you're interested in getting me to write something, you've read the blog. Here is everything else I've published.

The Wall St. Journal, Saturday 28th February 2008, Co-Authored with Jeremy Hildreth on Sir Allen Stanford and English Cricket. "Sir Allen's Sticky Wicket".

Jeff Randal Live for Sky News talking about BT and Pace Micro, 12th May 2011.

Sky Sports, playing cricket this time for Ex-Pat Paris club Juvenal's at Thiory.

Over to business, expounding the monetary reasons for Asset & Commodity price inflation for Radio 4's Money Box Live, 21 May 2011, and 20 August 2011, talking about petrol, and the chances of a "lost decade" for the UK.

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