Wednesday, 21 December 2005


Every time your train is delayed in the morning, the probable reason is the fat, lazy, overpaid, ignorant jobsworth who should be driving (a job which could easily be done by a computer) has decided that an extra hour in his fart-sack is more important than a thousand peoples' commute.

The lump behind the window who explains in self-righteous tones that it isn't her fault, is wrong. She's a member of the union. The same union that ensures the Train Driver with the hangover isn't fired for destroying Train operating comanies' customers' days. I don't care which union calls its members out, they are all a 19th century solution to a 21st century problem. There's no need for them.
Some of the more egregious excamples include Bob Crow's RMT union, which called the London Underground out over an individual on sick leave who was fired when it transpired that he had been playing regular squash**.

The Fire-fighters union under Andy Gilchrist walked out over changes to shift patterns, desiged originaly so that fire-fighters had enough chaps on the night shift to deal with German Incendiary bombs. These aren't much of a problem any more, so nowadays, firemen get paid to sleep. The people who picked up the tab were the young soldiers, who should have been training for Tony's wars.

Andy Gilchrist keeps pictures of Terrorist, Ernesto 'Che' Guevera on his wall. Bob 'Twat' Crow keeps a bust of the Mass Murderer, Lennin on his desk.

Surely the worst example is the Mineworkers strike orchestrated by Arthur Scargill. The Conservative's original plans for the coal industry involved no compulsory redundancies and a managed programme of pit closures. This was nessesary because the coal industry was massively subsidised by the state and the incoming administration needed to reduce state involvement in industry. Scargill was having none of it. He believed power lay at the point of production and wanted to prove it. Thatcher knew this, and had laid plans (a cable under the sea from nuclear powered France***) to ensure the coountry could cope without its coal. Thatcher won, and as a result the Industry was demolished. The Blame for this and much of the suffering and deprivation that followed in the mining communities can be laid at Scargill's door, for leading his men into an unessesary fight they couldn't win, against an opponent who couldn't afford to lose and had the support of most of the rest of the country, and all for an outdated political principle.

So unions can actually harm the interests of their members. The main problem now is national pay bargaining. Each individual should seek the best pay his labours can achieve. Companies should seek to employ the smallest number of people and pay them appropriately. Unfortunately, unions prevent the lazy and incompetent being fired, and as a result, prevent the able and hard-working getting pay-rises. (if you can't see how this follows, you're stupid*).

Thatcher destroyed the union's power by beholdening them to their members interests (the balloting of members before strike action) and banning secondary picketing (the pracice whereby other industries get called out in sympathy). This prevented the "winter of discontent" happening again and played a large part in Britain's economic miracle of the 80's and 90's.

There's no need to collectivise now. There's a minimum wage, full employment and legislation protecting workers' rights. People are free to move jobs and there are any number of governement funded retraining schemes. If you don't like the pay and conditions, it should be up to you to do something about it. Take responsibility for your own life, and don't rely on sticking your fat, idle thmbs in your braces and saying "you can't get me, I'm part of the union".

*Because unionised workforces have large numbers of people, any change to the pay of an individual is magnified in cost by 100,000. National pay bargaining means that companies aren't free to reward an exceptional worker. unions raison d'etre is to ensure that useless, lazy turds are not fired

**Not quite as bad as the copper caught refereeing a premiership football match having taken early retirement on medical grounds.

***This represents the one and only time in history that the French have helped us


Momentary Academic said...

Sometimes, not all of the time, but sometimes, unions are necessary, I think. I don't necessarily know about the situation in the old country, but here, there are people who work really hard with little complaints who would be rolled over by the man if they didn't have someone to protect their rights.

You know what? I don't have it in me today to argue with you about this. Because in some cases, unions are crap. Like sports players unions.

Maybe I'll have a fiesty response at some other time. Today, I just mildly disagree.

Jackart said...

Unions are run by trots. It attracts a kind of selfish, pig-headed ignorant commie, who thinks that his members' interests are best served by a kind of 1960's municipal socialism.

It isn't.

Unions prevent people like nurses getting paid what they deserve and serve to entrench incompetence and poor labour relations, leading to strikes and misery for all.

unions should be encouraged to quietly die.

(I'm trying to provoke you into a feisty responce...Grrr)

liwo said...

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