Monday, 9 October 2006

The Dude's been Surfing

This Isn't me.

Nevertheless, surfing has to be one of the best ways to relax. It is hard physical work battling through the breakers, but there's long periods of sitting on your board in the swell, staring out to sea... waiting.

This encourages zen like contemplation.

Add to this the awe you feel when even a modest wave dumps on you, and the fact the energy may have travelled thousands of miles for the purpose of propelling you to the beach and you end up getting all pretentious.

One is also tempted to overuse the word "Dude".


Ophelia said...

Wow, have to say - awesome video, dude. I wasted a couple of years living beside humongous waves; I thought the dudes with the surf boards in their living rooms were a bit pretentious and OTT

Momentary Academic said...


British Surfers.


Ophelia said...

Yes, it used to make me laugh too. Never mind the waves, now I think you're not a respectable surfer except you can brave the cold AND manage to get changed afterwards (with your trousers ZIPPED UP, without the aid of a heater or warm shower) even if the waves are crap. Now that's a true dude.

one_man_republic said...

"...even if the waves are crap"

Quite literally so, sometimes.

Ophelia said...

You can contract Hepatitis A from sewage water!!! Dudes - watch out! Apart from the waves, wonder if Momentary Academic's waters are any better... Thanks for the website OMR - have you been to the recyclaball? It looks deadly - I miss all the craic.

native_sou'wester_one_man_republic said...

"wonder if Momentary Academic's waters are any better..."

Intriguing turn of phrase.

"have you been to the recyclaball?"

No, but it's a good laugh by all accounts. Used to be a tiny event -now it's huuuuuuge. More power to 'em.

people's_republic_of_devon said...

"...wonder if Momentary Academic's waters are any better"

Intriguing turn of phrase.

"have you been to the recyclaball?"

no, but it's great fun, by all accounts. More power to 'em.

one_man_republic said...

is there an echo in here? etc etc

liwo said...

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