Wednesday, 9 May 2007

Tony Blair's last 24 hours*

Does any one else have a case or two of Champagne on ice?

*(OK I know the smug bastard will still be technically Prime Minister for several weeks yet, but that merely gives us two opportunities to celebrate his political death, which let's face it is something worth celebrating twice after 10 fucking years, even though this celebration will be tempered by the fact that Gordon "Presbyterian-Thief" Brown will be taking over. God, why can't the pair of mendacious shits just go, and go now?)


The Nameless One said...

The Moai and I have a long standing agreement to down tools, go out and binge drink champagne as soon as Blair resigns. It will be one hell of a party when he goes.

But as you rightly point out the hangover in the morning will be worsened by the realistion that the Brown Premiership is coming.

fido said...

Let us hope that he also gets a call from the boys an gals in blue as well.

But likewise when he says "Thats me lot, now cyclops is in charge." then I am also going to have a massive binge to celebrate.

Shotgun said...

Don't fret about this utter twat.

The Labour hierarchy and whole structure is coming down, and soon, as they see where the bread is buttered, the media and most pundits will start to suck up to the Tories, and that means it will be open season on that fucker Bliars legacy and what he totally fucked up, everything, over the past decade.

The guns are now all primed and ready to fire...but it will be some months before the gun is fired.

Brown is a dead duck before he starts and will be useless, totally, at PMQ's and I think it might even chuck him over the edge quickly.

9 Months and Brown leaves through ill health...want to open a book?

C4' said...

To celebrate Blair's resignation, I'm building a gallow from which to hang that murdering Nazi traitor!

liwo said...

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