Friday, 15 June 2007

A note on Comments

My Blog. My rules.

I do not moderate, and you take responsibility for any comments you make. If however you come to my blog, be aware this is a robust free-speech zone, no mealy-mouthed "voluntary code" here. If you come with a name or nick-name, you will be treated with respect (i.e. being called an idiot rather than a fucking silly idiot with shit-for-brains), at least by me. Anonymous socialist comments accusing me of being an "enemy of liberty" because I support the Conservative Party will be torn apart in fruity, anglo-saxon terms. I'll only delete comment spam and anything which will get me in trouble with plod.

Name, Pseudonym or Nick-name = dealing with issues raised on merit.
Anonymous = working assumption that you Read the Guardian, attend scat parties, vote Labour or harbour some such other filthy perversion.



Fidothedog said...

Sounds good, mind half the reason people visit Terrys blog is to prod the poor chap with a stick.

Simon Jester said...

Should the finger be inside the prohibition symbol?

Anonymous said...

Nina Hossain

Lisa Burke

Jackart said...

Simon... Perhaps not. Perhaps it should be a warning triangle without the line through it! I shall work on it.

one_man_republic said...

"some such other filthy perversion"

The Guardian's saturday review (and the guide) is usually pretty good, though. I bet you agree. Oh, you did.

Miss Smack said...

Thanks for linking me, honey x

Paul of Suffolk said...

Not unreasonable but isn't it tories with their public school mentality that go in for buggery ?

Rosie said...

mmm, you have a lot to say for yourself don't you Malcolm?

hope to see you again, either at the Sunrunner or otehrwise

Rosie x

Gavin Corder said...

I rather thought some of my stuff might be of interest to you.

Terry said...


I dislike all politicians in equal measure so my comments probably won't be welcome here.

Laura said...

Oi Jackart if you hate socialism so much why not visit Las Vegas the epicentre of capitalism and pornography. My idea of hell on earth just maybe your paradise.

Meanwhile try to come up with some better arguments for why Lads Mags are in any way defendable . So far you fail to impress.

Laura said...

Just because you support the conservative party doesn't mean I think you're an enemy of liberty or whatever. On the contrary I think conversatism supports liberty.

You don't have to be a homophobic and sexist weirdo to be conservative.

Jackart said...

Laura, you tiresome bunny-boiler. You're mistaking me for someone who gives a shit about lads mags. I don't read 'em, so I don't care what's in 'em.

Why don't you dried-up bitches take a similar line?

torydeb said...

harsh, jackart.

"dried up bitches"

hhhhaaaarsh... and most unnecessary!

Laura said...

if you don't care about them why are you spending so much time defending them against a resonable poll requesting they be removed from London transport?

Laura said...

dried up bitch? You're so desperate to appear male dominant you probably can't get off without wearing a nappy and bib.

Goes to show how poor an arguer you are, the second you feel you can't win you descend into throwing shit.

Bunny boiler? YOU'RE the one who incessantly came on that other blog trying to nay say everything by nit picking replying to every comment without ever addressing a single point that was made.

Are you stamping and grunting now like a big man baby?

Jackart said...

For any insomniacs reading this thread, the other blog is here...

Laura asks "why are you spending so much time defending [lads' mags]?"

Because I don't think anything, especially written material, should be banned, in this case added to the principle one doesn't have a "right" to avoid offence.

Then there's legislation: You try defining porn. Playboy? Renaissance nudes? Hustler? Internet gangbang porn? Erotic literature? One man's (or woman - I know a few who get off on it) Porn is another mans erotica.

Suggesting that "arousing onself in public" should be a crime is tantamount to thought crime. In any case the most offensive end is already covered by harrassment, gross indecency and sexual assault legislation.

I enjoy winding feminists up. It's wrong, I know. So go on, Laura darling. Give it you best shot.

Laura said...

You have expressed your growing alarm at the state of the nation - fair do I say.

To me it is obvious that corrosion of family values are a massive part of the problem. If not the most important problem.
Marriage was positively discouraged when they abolished tax relief for married couples while single parenthood is positively encouraged by the welfare system. Hence increasing numbers of children are brought up without the benefit of both mother and father.

Concurrent to this a get your tits out for the lads culture does not make you want to get your tits out for your baby. It contributes to men prolonging adolescence well into adulthood.

I have expressed many times that it is the sheer volume, normalization and increasing misogyny in pornography and it's accessibility to children who are less able to bolster their minds against the harmful hate messages spread by it that concerns me. Porn is not erotica. Porn removes all aspects of intimacy and meaning from sex reducing the participants to empty vessels. Women especially are degraded in porn.

This notion spread by porn has become so pervasive that I believe it contributes to the don't care attitude in britain towards family responsibilities.

The poll is not calling for a ban on this material but a restriction on where it is acceptable to be read / displayed.

I feel if people want to fantasize in their sex life - go nuts! use your imagination. A barage of explicit and misogynistic material available to all on the internet and in the mainstream press is not good for the health of society in my opinion.

Does this make me a feminist?

Jackart said...

Yes, but who decides what is acceptable for reading on public transport? Individuals - that's any muslim declaring 3 little pigs "offensive", or you declaring Nuts "Haram". The State? That's censorship I'd rather not have. London transport? Do they have the resources to police this? Surely a chav reading Nuts is not causing trouble and should be applauded for reading at all.

I can see where you're coming from, but any solution to the "problem" is worse than the problem itself.

Just live and let live, man!

Laura said...

well that was the point of the poll. 75% of women who voted said they would prefere no lads mags / porn on the tube. About a third of men voted this way.

They can police it about the same they can police the alcohol ban I guess.

Personally I don't like the idea of a chav absentee father pouring over deplorable material that teaches him women are disposable.

Censorship is a really contraversial issue though i agree. I grew up in singapore so the material I'm confronted by in the news agents etc is especially shocking to me. While I was there I couldn't wait to move back to the libral west but the longer I've been repatriated the more I realise they actually had a lot of right ideas about things. No such thing as a chav or a dole scrounger out there.

Peace out.

Jackart said...

A blog poll is not evidence for anything.

Basically censorship is bad. People do not read top-shelf porn on the tube because of social stigma. Nuts or page 3 does not face that stigma so society has made that judgement.

As for "disposable women", the Welfare state has made men (at least ill educated ones) disposable. Cause and effect. Lads mags reflect the prejudices of the reader, not the other way round.

Bug's campaign is petty, Authoritarian, spiteful and foolish, which sums up most people who self-describe as "feminist". They are a class of lefty I find utterly abhorrent.

Laura said...

whatever dude. We're going to have to agree to disagree as you're pretty set in your views and so am I.

I'm all for grass roots organisations like this becasue I am optimistic that by making small changes bit by bit we can change a culture. For instance a group that started on facebook recently sucessfully campaigned to prevent hooters opening in a newly gentrified central sheffield square. (pls don't give me a tirade of how horrified you are by this) Similar groups have campaigend so that people can petition through their local council have more say as to where lapdancing clubs open up.

I think you make a mistake though by painting all feminism as left - there are a lot of those inclinced that way but I'm not one. However I used to be 100% right wing until staying in Las Vegas made me realise it's actually probably a good thing to have some social intervention like a TV licence and what not and to maintain some standards that are beneficial to the family through tax which is basically socialist.

Laura said...

oh yeah and also my whole problem is that I think Nuts etc should be subject to social stigma that is my hope for the message potential restiction on public transport would make.

Pure capitalism only works if moral standards are upheld otherwise you get vegas. Have you been? The worst aspects are pretty horrific. Local unfunded Tv being one of them.

Laura said...

One more thing - your

[As for "disposable women", the Welfare state has made men (at least ill educated ones) disposable.]

I'm not into this tic for tac men versus women thing. I think men and women should be partners not rivals. The suggestion that misogyny is a bad thing should not invite the response " well men have it bad too" one has nothing to do with the other.

Man this blog is bad for my work productivity.

Jackart said...

Men and Women should be partners not rivals

Couldn't agree more. Make it so in your own life and care less about what others do or read. That's the essence of libertarianism.

I do not desire power over my fellow man (or woman). You clearly do, and that is a moral issue. Not whether a lad is reading Nuts on the bus.

Have you tried a more recent thread?

Laura said...

well I am aware of the bad effect the kind of attitudes in porn and lads mags have on the men that read them from observations in male friends. You can't help but be influenced by a prevailent culture.

I've never asked anyone to stop reading such a magazine in my presence - don't get me wrong. But I think you can't go blinkered though life and not point out issues of concern and discuss them. It's hurtful being a young girl and being effected by male behaviour which is influenced by the attitudes they are exposed to in both porn and mainstream. This is especially true of young adolescences. Now I'm of the age when I'm thinking it would be nice for female children to not have to be heckled and degraded by Zoo boys in the playground. This happens. I would like a shift in the culture to what I see as a more reasaonable and respectful one.

I thought the idea of calling up the acceptability of these mags was an interesting one.

What more recent thread?

Jackart said...

This one...

Look. It is not governments role to ban anything. Even if a guy was sitting reading "Vampire Lesbians on heat" so long as he wasn't actually stroking one out, you would have no case to tell him to stop reading it.

Everyone would think he was a moron, but that's it. You do not have a right to go unoffended. That way lies tyranny.

Laura said...

I've just said I've never asked anyone to stop reading anything.

I agree that on the whole less government involvent is generally for the best. I agree that all drugs should be legalised. That's not to say however that we do not need any laws whatsover though. But a code of conduct on the tube is not a criminality matter. it's a matter of politeness.

They're just campaigning that reading material should be considered by patrons of public transport as a matter of courtesy. Like signs that say 'give up your seat for those who want it more'. You're not going to get the law involved with people who don't give up their seat as much as you are with those who won't put down their vampire lesbian magazine or whatever.

Like I said we're probably going to have to agree to disagree on this whole thing. It's interesting you have a lot of the same views as my dad but he manages to express himself with less (not none) but less swearing. He's running for conversative councilor. hahaha maybe you're him and we don't know we're talking to each other. He also is not concerned about pornography although like you he's not had the experience of being a female.

Laura said...

bloggin is fun! I never blogged so much before!

Jay the Mushroom Man said...

One hell of a blog my man.

colborn366 said...

I like your blog i am a Daughter of the American Revolution. My very English Dude of a grandfather spent 4 years killing very British Dudes. The English are a very different Dude Anglo-Saxons win over the British we took England then America.

Neil Dimmock said...

Dear Jackart,

I hope you don’t mind me contacting you. My name is Neil and I am Assistant Producer on The Big Questions. In case you don’t know our programme, 'The Big Questions' is BBC1's flagship live ethical debate show presented by Nicky Campbell. It began its second series in December 2008 and is running until summer 2010. Each week, three topics are discussed on the show – these are ethical or moral questions connected to the week’s news headlines. It is broadcast live from a different area of the country every Sunday at 10 am, and gets viewing figures between 1 and 1.5 million.
Next Sunday (9th May) is whether is whether the current voting system is immoral or whether PR would be a more moral voting system. I notice that you have written on the subject before. I would really like to talk to you about the possibility of taking part in the programme. If you could contact me at your earliest convenience that would be great. The best number to get hold of me on at any time is my mobile 07727 463479. If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact me.

Kind Regards


colborn366 said...

Politics make me to angry! My comments wouldnt be posted. I try to keep up on whats happening in England.

Anonymous said...

thanks for your article re brown+ br.deficit. live in canada but i always say that a gov. comes in and strips away a lot of positive of the previous gov. also the rich must pay their share and over spending can't be good. also no cheating allowed anywhere. a lot of fat catting going on in federal gov here and charges have been laid. also british need to buy british. just my two pence..thx

Anonymous said...

You are a horrible right wing prick.
There ....feel better now!

Anonymous said...

You are a horrible right wing prick and I loathe you!

Anonymous said...

yes I feel better my goodness im proud my grandpas were generations of puritain knights on one side and Prussian military on the other side merge Prussian calvery with puritain knight I have to be careful

Anonymous said...

Alex Blackman should man up, if you do the crime you must do the time!

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