Monday, 15 October 2007

More Lefty anti-Israeli Nonsense from CiF

This one is about how Tel Aviv's beautiful people don't care about Ishoos, because they are decadent and bourgeois, rather than seething and angry at the vast right-wing conspiracy by which Seth Freedman thinks the Israelis are governed. Comfortable Mediterranean cafe culture is "papering over the cracks" in the Israeli consciences, and rather dismisses the thought that use a wall to stop suicide bombers = good idea! might be an accurate reflection of Israeli attitudes. He indulges in the mating cry of the lesser spotted lefty and gets all indignant:

"Watching the complete disdain with which the public treated a serious political protest shocked me"
Given that the "serious political protest" was a group called (I'm not making this up) The Coalition of Women for Peace performing a "symbolic reaping" of the city's olive trees to symbolise the stealing of Palestinian farmer's land, I think that under the circumstances going
straight back to admiring one another's clothes and fawning over their latest partners
Seems a rather better use of one's free time than the
flyers being proffered by the hopeful protesters
Indeed I sympathise at the beautiful people's plight at having the intersection of Ben Gurion and Dizengoff obstructed by people whose idea of a good time is to go Sing the internationale with like minded soap-dodgers. Indeed if Tel Aviv's women are as beautiful as Seth Freedman says, I know who I would be paying attention to, and it ain't the ones in the loosely fitting, vaguely ethnic clothing. He goes on to find it
Alarming, because it shows how swiftly a state founded on zealousness and enthusiasm can morph into just another lackadaisical westernised country
as opposed to an undemocratic, corrupt, religiously fundamentalist theocracy with a violent persecution complex, which Mr. Freedman clearly thinks is preferable. Indeed he sees no hope in that
they're too busy with their own career and bettering their own status to care about the conflict.
I think that's evidence that the Policies, yeah, even the security wall, seem to be the ones that the Israelis want. If you can feel safe enough to be bored with politics, somebody is doing something right.


Mark Wadsworth said...


Machiavelli's Understudy said...

If I was sat outside at a Mediterranean café in Israel, I know I'd much rather be mooching on the local talent than watching some tiresome old birds who haven't discovered Veet or refuse razors on the grounds of their inherent 'violence'- I mean, have you seen the younger Israeli women? Wow...

(And it's completely unfair. A colleague is jetting off to Israel for a couple of days later this month. I bet he won't be bringing back a sample for me.)

Danny said...

as a moderate Israeli (of British decent), I certainly enjoyed your post :)

Danny said...


liwo said...

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