Monday, 14 July 2008

Britblog Roundup # 178

Good morning and welcome once again to a Jackart-hosted roundup at 'A Very British Dude'. There's a good Haul of posts in the nomination box this week, as well as some more I added myself.

Blogging and the law: Though Guido was able to give the a similar reply as that given to the Plaintiff in the case of Arkell Vs Pressdram,when contacted by an MP over a caption competition. Let's hope Harry's Place is able to give a similar response to Dean and Dean who are representatives of Hamas' UK spokesman, and political mastermind, Mohammed Sawalha. Mr Sawalha has demanded an apology from Harry's place for daring to suggest that he might just be a teensy weeny bit of an anti-semite. Harry's place is standing firm, on the grounds that what was said was ...urm... true, and are using Mishcon de Reya to fight their case. Andrew at Dodgeblogium points us in the direction of the Blogburst in Support. Mr Eugenides at the Devils' Kitchen also gives us a good summary.

Craig Murray, the polyamourous former man in Tashkent brings us news of another legal action by schillings, this time concerning Tim Spicer and his attempts to get Murray's book suppressed. There won't be much disagreement on the Blogosphere that British Libel law is in serious need of reform.

It's not just libel law. It's copyright too. I'm sure many bloggers would echo Dave Hill's complaint about a recent piece in his local rag, which suggests bloggers who complain when they don't get recognition when their work is plagiarised are guilty of "breathtaking petulence". That attitude is why some local newspapers are dying. Is the Hackney Gazette next?

There's plenty of comment on the civil servant who got the 'tin tack' in Glamorgan for writing a blog. Miss Wagstaff, Matt Wardman, Mick Fealty, and Even David Jones MP all comment. Not all favourably. Go read the posts and make up your mind...

Meanwhile, on a lighter note Olly's onions noted the Beardy Wierdy nature of the CoE and suggests that their lack of whiskers is the reason the Anglican communion is split over women bishops. He then makes a potentially actionable allegation about Tom Cruise's homosexuality. Let's hope the diminutive closet poofter cultist serious actor and religious personality doesn't trawl the blogs then.

Finally the ever excellent Bystander over at 'The Law west of Ealing Broadway' is talking about the way the media exploit the grief of the bereaved families; in this instance he is talking about the cyclist who knocked down and killed a woman, before ending with the old, but oft forgotten maxim that "hard cases make bad law". How much better would Nu Labour have done, if they had remembered this lesson.

Politics: Starting with the Local, Suz Blog brings our attention to changes to King's Cross station entrances - they're thinking of closing the Harry Potter one, which will make travelling to London even more unpleasant than it already is. Read her post and go and sign the petitions.

John Spencer thinks it terrible that anyone should make a profit out of health.

Stuart Syvret gives us details of the horrific Haut de la Garrene child abuse scandal in Jersey, and alleges decades of cover-up. This one goes right to the top, if the length of the post is anything to go by.

Onto the national, there's and interesting roundup of political issues at Sadie's Tavern, and she and The Daily Maybe are the only ones to deal with Haltemprice and Howden's recent by election. TDM are rather chuffed with the Green party's second place (with 7%)

Samizdata brings to our attention the petty humiliations meted out to those Non-Eu immigrants, and notes the sheer incompetence of the home office.

Cabalamat at Amused Cynicism thinks Britain ain't as broken as some say, suggesting we aren't as much of a mess as, say Afghanistan. Damning the UK with faint praise, perhaps. I make a similar point when talking about imigration, or rather emigration except the country I compare this country to is Somalia.

Cabalamat also pops up with some thoughts on Religious teaching (he's against) but as he's agreeing with Johann Hari, I'll not go into too much detail for the good of my health. He and I are clearly on the same wavelength though, as he also deals with homosexuality teaching in schools. Islamic parents are able to get books addressing homosexuality pulled by the impeccably left-wing Bristol city council, on the grounds that it offends Muslims as much as puppy dog postcards. Which is a lot; but when the Thatcher government tried the same thing with section 28, everyone went potty. Who said politics was fair! Still on religion, Suz once again, gives us her thoughts on the Registrar who refused to marry Gay couples on the grounds that it offended her Christian faith. It's certainly difficult to reconcile faith with tolerance, when it means allowing people to discriminate. To whom are you supposed to be most tolerant? Neither Suz nor I have no real answer to that real dilemma.

(Perhaps now would be a good time to justify
my reaction to some of the posts on Suz's last BBRU: someone claiming that women aren't born is just asking for a fisking. Any biologist will tell you we all start out as women, and men are 'made'. And for the record, I'm not "frightened" by feminists. Quite the opposite really! Sorry about the 'kettle' thing though!)

From Religion to disability: Leg-Iron, over at underdogs Bite upwards, is lauding Dave Cameron for suggesting that people take some responsibility for their lives, which as a disabled person, he feels he is discouraged from doing by the very people who are trying to help:

You might be poor. You might be disabled. Do something about it. The PC buffoons don't want you to, naturally. They encourage you to play the victim. They encourage you to be dependent and weak and to bleat about how 'they' oppress you. It's all lies. There is someone oppressing you but it's not who you think. It's the PC sods themselves. They want you dependent...on them.
But I like leg Iron best when he's on full-on rant mode. Which let's face it, is what the blogosphere is best at.
Getting them out of power is not enough. I want to see them utterly destroyed. Not killed, not as some would have it, because that's too easy. Not even to have them tarred and feathered, then hosed off with sulphuric acid, hung, drawn and quartered, then stitched back together with barbed wire and given convalescence and NHS care for six months until they are well enough to be shot. Not even that.
Which is just glorious bile, (tip of the hat to Prodicus). There is my favourite pedant's point though - it should be 'hanged drawn and quartered'. Whilst we're on the subject of disability, Bendy Girl at Benefit Scrounging Scum gives her take on 'Britain's Missing Top Model', a show which I must confess I have mixed feelings about too.

Whilst were on the subject of mixed feelings, this week the F word is dealing with abortion.

Environmental issues get an airing at Liberal England where Jonathan asks whether the Environmental movement has made us terrified of the Natural World.

Over to the international scene Charles Crawford offers an explanation for the occasionally timid behaviour of the Foreign and Commonwealth office.
"It is in part because they know that it is not enough to be Right - in a democratic system where so many clever and urgent ideas buzz about, you have also to be Effective and Convincing"
Something that many single issue campaigners have learned to everyone else's' cost. Whilst we're on the FCO, the news that Russia is Britain's third most important security risk (after Al Quaeda and Iranian Nukes) surprised Andy at Siberian light. I think this is unsurprising... China and France are up there too in fourth and fifth slots.

Sal at the gloriously named farting through my fingers notes a letter to the FT which informs us that Zimbabwe is still, in fact a colony of the UK and we can dissolve Mugabe's regime, whenever we choose, or something. I'm not sure Britain asserting her Imperial rights would go down well at the UN or indeed in Zimbabwe, but it's an idea with a similar likelihood of success as putting Comrade Bob on Trial for Crimes against humanity as suggested by Doug at Courting Disaster.

Miscellaneous: So this is nearly the end of this week's round-up, but not before we look at the weekly buildings from Philip Wilkinson North Cerney in Gloscestershire, and Dr Roy at Early Modern Whale brings us England's only in situ saint. Meanwhile Lady Baracknell gives us sound advice on dealing charmingly with a Phisher. The wardman wire brings us News of a new level in sledging, mooning from the outfield; and notes that "twat o tron" is the top search term for liberal conspiracy. Finally there's advice from pandemian, where this piece of advice came from:
"24. Be suspicious of the originality of the self-declared cynic"
Next week the round-up is over at Liberal England. Nominations to the usual address: britblog [at] Gmail [dot] com


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Comprehensive. Good post.

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