Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Meet & Greet

It seems that Thabo Mbeki’s quest for a legacy after 8 years of failure has borne fruit. He’s managed to get Comrade Bob and Morgan Tsvangirai round the table. Obviously the fact that both of them claim to be president may prove a slight problem, but its nothing Comrade Bob can’t overcome to carry out his complete destruction of Zimbabwe. After all he managed it very well with Joshua Nkomo. After the fall of the Smith government there were two Independence parties… Mugabe’s ZANU and Nkomo’s ZAPU. Mugabe gave him a titular role and then ousted him from the cabinet, killing 10,000 supporters in Matabeleland when they objected. He ended up a gelded nobody.

Tsvangirai is a genuine democrat according to my Zimbabwe friends, who is unwilling to use any violence to further his aim of the peaceful overthrow of Robert “Idi” Mugabe. Despite the violence against both him and his supporters he is willing to sit down at the table with a mass murderer who ordered his brutal beating. It says much about the patriotism of the man in that he’d do anything to avoid his country being ripped apart. But just like Nkomo he’ll end up a gelded nobody too, without more decisive action from the South Africans. Don't hold your breath.


Umbongo said...

You may be right, that Tsvangirai is a genuine democrat and patriot. Unfortunately he's also a mug: rather like this guy who was foooled into negotiating with an implacable and untrustworthy enemy.

Bob would not, I think, actually murder Tsvangirai, but, as you say, at best he will neuter him. Say what you like about Mandela - and I'm no fan - but he realised that he couldn't overthrow the whites without blood being shed. Unless Mbeki is willing to cut off the electricity and get rid of Bob then Bob and his regime are immovable. Actually I think Mbeki is waiting for Bob's death by natural causes - he's well into his 80s - which could solve Mbeki's immediate political problem although Zimbabwe will remain a basket case for a generation.

Letters From A Tory said...

Not sure that Mugabe will do anything other than give him a token role while keeping all the real power for himself.

liwo said...

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