Friday, 18 July 2008

Scuttling the Good Ship 'United Kingdom'

A Saboteur at Work, Yesterday

You Know how the "Liberal" "Democrats" can make policies, safe in the knowledge that they'll never be called on it? Well it seems the Labour party is doing the same now. Labour's Golden Rules that borrowing would only be for "investment" and not break 40% of GDP over the economic cycle, are about to be relaxed.

The Badger-Faced sock puppet has been told by his boss to opine that the new economic cycle started in March. This allows the Labour party to continue to finanace its client state meet its spending commitments during the downturn, but the taxation needed to pay for this will be raised by the Conservatives when the economic climate is more favourable. And, of course the Labour has always defined state spending as "investment" anyway. With the definition of the economic cycle now being demonstrated a mere matter of political convenience, the "golden rules" were pure, refined, 24 carat bullshit.

As a result, anyone hoping for a tax-cut in the first term from Cameron's Conservatives is going to be sorely disappointed. There just isn't any cash left in the biscuit tin. The Labour party has acted like a junkie, spending everything they can get their hands on, on that last fix of "public service 'investment'" hoping that the hit of public adulation and electoral success was as good as it was in 1997. Just like heroin, the returns diminish with time.

Just as St. Margaret of Thatcher was forced to raise taxation in her first term to deal with the economic wasteland bequeathed to her, Cameron will, at best be forced to maintain tax at current levels, even as spending is cut, until the Balance sheet allows him to start finally cutting the burden. This is Labour scuttling the ship ahead of capture. They're entrenching as much of their client state as possible, knowing they've got just two years to prepare traps for the Tories, get as many of their people feather bedded on long-term contracts with Quangos as possible and make sure the only course open to the Conservatives is one of deep Pain for the country. The biggest trap is massive spending commitments combined with huge borrowing and a stagnant economy forcing unpopular taxation, combined with deep spending cuts.

I've often noticed that Labour "people" hate the Tories with a passion rarely felt by their opponents towards them. With good always waving the red flag, such economic vandalism seems, to them, like a right and moral act to damage the Tories as soon as they take office in 2010, to hurt the Tories by forcing them to be the 'nasty party' once again. We all pay, through the nose for their spite. Such is the Labour party's collective delusion. Never, ever elect the bastards again.


Anonymous said...

I just can not get over how much I hate these cunts. They're fucking the entire country over and they're get away with it. WTF is going on?

In 24hrs the EU constitution has been signed with hardly a mention, the 'economic rules' have been ditched (try spending less you daft cunt) and the education system is in meltdown.

I give up, I really do.

James said...

I will stick this one out, especially as Cameron seems to be coming out with ideas I agree with recently - the personal responsiblity ideas, and smackdown to black dads to actually take care of their business.

However, I guarantee that if Labour get in again, I will leave England. I couldn't stay in a country that has so many stupid, envious, spiteful morons that they can be elected ever again.

Henry Crun said...

Jackart, whatever happened to Gollum's "five economic tests" we used to hear so much about?

Malcolm Stevas said...

"anyone hoping for a tax-cut in the first term from Cameron's Conservatives is going to be sorely disappointed. There just isn't any cash left in the biscuit tin."
Only if one believes current spending commitments need to be met, such as the bloated vampiric Welfare State and a zillion quangos. I'd have thought any self-respecting non-Socialist incoming Chancellor could save billions in a week or two. Trouble is, we're unlikely to get any such Chancellor under a Dave regime - expect promises (fingers crossed behind back) of tax cuts "in a while" should the Nu-Tories happen to get in, but in the meantime much as before except maybe a smidgeon more financial prudence.

Anonymous said...

"I've often noticed that Labour "people" hate the Tories with a passion rarely felt by their opponents towards them."

Don't you fucking believe it mate. After this I think all labour voters should basically be boiled alive. Slowly.

See you all around Parliament for a nice stroll on November 5th?


Simon Jester said...

Wot no Joel?

Travelgall said...

He's still planning his party for Margaret Thatcher's death - Population 1

liwo said...

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