Saturday, 2 August 2008

Windfall Tax

Apologies for the technical delays on this post. Blogger decided the site was spam. Even if “A very British dude” was a cured Pork product, it would be finest off the bone Yorkshire ham, not spam. I digress…

Looks like the weapons grade morons in government are going to introduce “Windfall taxes” on utilities. The Bolshevik Broadcasting Corporation, who are always big fans of the politics of envy, say there is rising anger at the cost of utilities. They are probably right, there are certain a few people who will think “But I was only paying £0 6s 4d for my total fuel bill, why am I not still paying this”. Naturally the BBC underestimates to a gargantuan degree the numbers involved, as pretty much everybody whose brain cells don’t bounce round their heads like a 1980’s Atari “Pong” game have worked out energy costs have risen due to huge demand and restricted supply.

The government is like a desperate gambler – doubling up. “If I just put another couple of billion in public services, everything will come right, just you see”. And so the fire hosing of our money at the state continues, the dumper trucks working round the clock to keep the cash being poured into the money pit. You would think with the predicament ZanuLabour are in there would be some pause for thought. Apparently not it would seem.

This government is so bad it makes Utility Companies look like victims. And who - pray tell - do they think will pay these "windfall" taxes?


Anonymous said...

Well something has to be done to help the poor old dears when winter comes around and they can't afford the heating.

Travelgall said...

I agree, but taking money off the utilities to piss away on other stuff is hardly the way.

Alan Douglas said...

Since the Utilities get 3p profit from every pound, and the Government in taxes already takes 8 p, surely the obvious place to help the pensioners from is ... ?

Alan Douglas

Mitch said...

How about we let the BBC go subscription or adverts then people can choose to spend the TV tax on fuel easy and non inflationary and culls some uncivil servants.

Shug Niggurath said...

Brown has raised several billion in this way since 97. He's the one who's overspent the tea chest money and left us all unable to put 50p in the meter.

But yes, something must be done. I propose a windfall axe on the parliament, heads or tails, their choice.

liwo said...

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