Thursday, 20 November 2008

Free IQ Test at Starbucks

The Coffee Conglomerate “Starbucks” is offering free IQ tests at the moment. What you do is join the end of the line of 30 people. And if at the end of 30 people getting their Coffee you have not decided what you want and spend another 2 minutes choosing, you are a Retard. If on the other hand when reaching the “Barista” you say “I will have a …. Please” then you are not a moron and should be free to carry on your day without my foot up your arse.


Wolfie said...

Us smart people prefer Café Nero. Besides I get free Wi-Fi access on my BT Home plan.

Alex said...

The person in front may be a retard but if you choose to join a long queue to spend your hard-earned English pounds on ludicrously overpriced slop at Starbucks, then you, sir, are a moron.

Nick von Mises said...

I'm holding a tall americano right now. Starbucks offers a pleasant atmosphere, reasonable coffee (at least to my taste) and for £1.60 I get both the coffee and a nice comfy chair to have a nap in during my lunch hour. Sorted

Travis Bickle said...

They've been doing this for years in airport passport control. Always at least one retard in every queue who hasn't twigged that they might actually want to see your passport.

The Great Simpleton said...

Despite all that time queuing has anyone managed to order a coffee with all the boxes ticked so that they don't get asked another question by the barista?

I don't go in very often and always get caught out by something. I feel like screming "just give me a f*****g coffee, FFS!".

Anonymous said...

You are most intolerant, sir.

My days are benighted by the existence of women who, having filled their shopping baskets at the supermarket and stood in line for several minutes at the checkout, are then astonished to be asked for some form of payment.

At least, astonishment is they only reason I can imagine for them spending the next few minutes trying to find their purses.

One would think such a requirement would be expected, leading to some sort of preparation, if only mental.

But apparently not.

Such is life in the Govan Co-op.

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