Wednesday, 17 December 2008

EU opt out on working time directive

Dear Strasbourg/Brussles (wherever the hell you are this week)

Thank you very much for caring enough about my health that you banned me from working as long as I choose. Honestly I don’t know what I would do without you. Only last week I was pulling a 169 hour week and was wondering why I was nodding off at my desk. Thank you so much MEP’s, once again you knew better than me how I should live my own life. Would one of you fancy coming round to my place as I’m having trouble boiling an egg too.

Just one small question, we’re in a deep recession - people loosing their jobs and homes you know. Could you explain how doing less fucking work will help the economy out of the mess it currently finds itself in? By your union logic, working less means that I am more productive. So that means for the 7 hours I am in bed asleep or scratching my nuts I am at my most efficient. By extending that logic the graveyards of Europe are the singularly most productive sectors in the economic cycle. Do you want me to wonder down there with my shovel now (provided of course it’s within my allotted 48 hours)?

Yours with deepest respects



Letters From A Tory said...

The unions are going to try and push through a lot more crap like this to spread the few jobs that are available even further among the thousands of wasteful public sector jobs that Labour have created.

The Conservatives need to stand up to this outrageous intrusion into our economy.

Anonymous said...

As a someone who works full time and owns a small business I usually work more than 48 hours a week. I suppose I should stop and shut down the side business, since it doesn't pay well enough for anyone to do full time. Of course that puts 3 other people out of work...

If some one wants to work extra hours, what business is it of the government's? Can we get the opt-out back!

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