Friday, 5 December 2008

Pay up or die…

The Russians are yet again showing why they are beloved through Eastern Europe with President Putin again threatening to cut the gas off over winter. The Soviets are having a hissy fit over Ukraine’s continued independence and unwillingness to pay for the gas they have bought off the Russians. The Ukranians are fools for not busting a gut to change their energy supplies, I can't believe they've put themselves in this position again! Owing money to a nation that wants to occupy them and is just itching for an excuse to do so.

And to be fair to the Russians I have no doubt the Ukrainians owe them some money. Although I also suspect the figure the Russians arrived at is using the same methodology they use to take taxes from Russian Oligarchs who are opponents of Mr Putin. Think of a number, double it and add whatever the hell you want. Let’s be honest though, everybody knows Russia is upset that the Ukrainians have asked the Black Sea Fleet to up sticks and go home when their lease expires, and Mother Russia doesn’t like that at all. Expect passports to be granted to people of Russian descent placed in Sevastopol after Stalin had murdered all the Ukrainians in the region during the 1932-33 Holodomor, and then watch Russia invade to protect “its citizens”.

And what will the West do when the Russians do another Georgia to the Ukraine? Thanks to Germany being in the pay of Moscow - absolutely sod all. Expect another craven collapse by the EU. The Americans could show some balls, thanks to Iraq winding down, but this President was not elected to throw American power round the world and he knows it. The only real hope Ukraine has of remaining independent is a catastrophic world recession that drives down energy prices and destroys the Russian economy. The Ukranians should also start looking at new forms of energy as soon as possible, even look at going back to Nuclear Power.


Letters From A Tory said...

I notice that discussions about new NATO members in Eastern Europe have also mysteriously slipped off the agenda.

Travelgall said...

Yeah, so had I. Funny that.

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