Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Well that didn’t take long...

China has decided to put controls back on the internet after the Olympic games. As AP reports it has said it has the right to block Web sites it says breaks its laws. And by breaking laws it means anything to do with Tibet or Taiwan. It has also arrested two people for throwing eggs at the national flag. What the Chinese government doesn’t realise is that the greatness of a country isn’t derived by waving flags, or its economic power; but by the Patriotism of its people knowing that it will behave with dignity and a willingness to defend the rights of its own people and others. The country's legislature providing help without patronising laws, rules or oppression. It's what the Americans have in spades, it's what we had before Gordon Brown and his 42 day detention, EU constitution, arresting opposition MPs and politicising previously neutral bodies.

This is the start off a deeper malaise in China. The fact that it has a two tier people, those that work in towns and those in the countryside will exacerbate this problem. The country folk are poor with no rights, the city folk are better off with no rights. Unfortunately the better off will have to suffer the fact that the US and EU aren’t buying DVD recorders and the loss of jobs that go with that. Can China deal with a very upset farming class and a shortly to be poor middle class that has kept the CCP in power by acquiescence? The CCP has the advantage that the Chinese army owes its loyalty to the party, rather than the people of China so it can crush revolts. But could it live with the loss of Prestige another Tiananmen Square massacre?

Because believe me the one thing China craves above all others is Prestige. The main thing the Olympics delivered to China was a balm to their Superiority/Inferiority complex. A nation that considered itself the Middle Kingdom and expected foreigners to grovel before it, yet suffered the humiliation of defeats to foreign powers during the Opium and Boxer wars. The Olympics showed to the people of China that they had made it in the world. The fact that other countries people think no more or no less of China now than they did 10 or 20 years ago is irrelevant to them. Yet the greatest enemy China faces, as demonstrated by the Ming Dynasty conquest by the Taiping Rebellion, Opium wars, Boxer Rebellion, Civil War, Great Leap Forward, Cultural Revolution et all is itself. The greatest threat to China is China; and it will continue to be so until its entire people have rights and freedoms.

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Umbongo said...

Well said, but you have to admit that the Chinese have the right idea when it comes to the BBC. Since the BBC is a blatant transmission belt of propaganda for the UK government and its running dogs in the Guardian and quangos everywhere, its output should, if not blocked, carry a warning notice to its UK audience concerning its peddling of meretricious and biased information.

Just to note that I am aware that the World Service is financed by the FCO and is, in fact, a propaganda outlet (although not a propaganda outfit working in favour of the taxpayers who provide its finance). Anecdotal evidence certainly, but friends abroad tell me that the high respect in which the World service was held as recently as 15-20 years ago has dissolved as the WS has become (among other things inimical to the interests of the UK) the voice of the religions of anthropomorphic climate change and militant Islam.

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