Thursday, 30 July 2009


Several regular readers have had conversations with me about American Blogger, Roissy. Travelgall, for example thinks he's satire. And since I pointed him out to Juliette, who loved it at first, but now hates him, I thought I'd share my thoughts. I can't work out what I think of him. Whilst I like the fact that he puts his truth out there, and a lot of what he says makes sense and pearls of wisdom like the following should be taught to girls at school in sex-ed...

Your woman must be either an angel on earth, or a dirty whore. A middle of the road typical chick with gangbang experience under her belt or a commitment to the three date rule isn’t going to cut it. If you want to lift yourself to the heights of ecstacy you must feel like you are piercing the womanhood of a truly uncorrupted vagina, or, on the opposite end, spiralling downward into the pits of sin with a filthy slut.
...Because he does understand the id which drives the basest human desires: he's right, for example about the 3-date rule. Girls I've loved have always fucked on the first date, or held out for much, much longer. But they don't detract from the fact that reading his blog is like looking at a mysoginistic, racist car crash. It's often unpleasant, but you can't take your eyes away.

Not a bad-looking bloke. I wonder if he's standing on tip-toe?

There is the nagging suspicion that the constant banging on about Alpha superiority is a cover for a less-than-Alpha existence. The constant need to pick up new girls could be covering for an impotence which means he probably needs to have new "pussy" every night. The girls clearly just don't stick around to be "gamed" into spending another night night with a flaccid cock. Allegations of impotence, or indeed closet homosexuality are easy to make, but the fact is we have no evidence either way. He has said that Roissy is an alter-ego, and not the real him. Whatever the reality of Roissy's life, as a 37 year-old single Pick Up Artist and self-confessed player, he may be an 'Alpha' by his own standards, he can dish out, but can't take, which marks him out as a bully, and the lack of respect for people marks him as much less than a Gentleman.

Like a poundstretcher version of Patrick Bateman. (Thank-you, for that one, Juliette)


Be still my heart said...

Indeed the need for 'new pussy' and desire to advertise the fact really does more to reflect his fragile self worth. Any man unable to feel contented with one woman should be questioning himself on whether he is in fact gay or whether he has not resolved his 'mummy issues'. In most cases there is a lack of maternal love, affection and or attention to ever be able to truly bond to one female. Ergo the need for this type of male to experience many women as they are nothing more than sustitute revenge 'mummy' models. A true Alpha Male is measured when he is in the company of men, not women. Who do the men choose to lead them? Whilst women may initially be attracted to the alpha male type, they don't stick around not because of a flacid cock but because they recognise a truly empowered man is able to feel contentment with one woman. All in all this ego driven megalomaniac is in dire need of some therapy.

juliette said...

Sorry, but I soooooo don't get what's wrong with the three-date rule!!

Any guy I've met would - if you shagged him on the first date - figure you were a slut, and never get in touch again.

It's always a downer when a guy ditches you, but to be ditched in those circumstances is just suicidally depressing. At least in the normal run of things, you can console yourself with the knowledge you made the fucker jump through a few hoops first (and didn;t just hand it to him on a plate like an unpaid hooker).

Equally, any guy I've met would - if you weren't giving up the goods by the third or fourth date - again cut their losses and move on. On the grounds that we're not living in Jane Austen times, and there are other, easier girls out there to shag.

So how, exactly, does this work for you - and why are you and Roissy the only men I've ever heard of who wouldn't fuck n'chuck a girl who was too easy (or wander away from a girl who was too hard, when a more promiscuous looking type glanced in your direction?)

J x

Jackart said...

Because if you have a genuine connection, why not shag on the first date? Have the confidence you don't need to have him jump through hoops.

Or really get to know them. And see if the chap's really, really interested.

3 dates is about as long as I would date a Girl in whom I wasn't really interested as a long-term Girlfriend. And if she hasn't fucked me by the second, then she's not that into me.

3 dates is the kind of middle of the road, dull, uninspired "rule of thumb" to which a girl will stick if she's the sort who's really, really interested in what her "friends" think of her.

The 3 date rule is actually more likely to rule a girl out in my book.

Girls have men so.... so wrong.

juliette said...

But Jackart - you may THINK you have a genuine connection with the bloke in question, and want to sleep with them on the first date.

But I put it to you that - for every one bloke who thinks like you do - there are 9 more who are hard wired to see any woman who shags him too soon as a slut. I mean ANY woman. No matter how well they were getting on with her before she took her pants off.

Seriously, I've made this mistake before when I was younger and dumber, so I know exactly what I'm talking about.

Shagging a bloke on a first date is a sure fire way to get your ass dumped.

Sigh... every man I ever meet online always says I've got men wrong when I say they only like skinny girls/ prefer Cheryl Cole to Nigella Lawson/ prefer amazing fake tits to the unexceptional real McCoy/ think any woman who shags them on a first date is a cheap whore no matter how nice she seemed before, and is therefore immediately ruled out as a potential girlfriend.

'Oh, we're nothing like that, you're so wrong...'

But EVERY SINGLE MAN I have ever met in real life proves that I am 100% right!!!!!!!

There seems to be this huge gulf between the men I talk to online, who aren't shallow self-deluded weirdly puritanical tossers - and the men I actually encounter in the flesh, who invariably are!!

No offence to present company, I hasten to add!

J x

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