Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Luvvies and the joy of the Polanski sex arrest

Obviously it’s a special treat to see an unrepentant elderly paedophile finally brought to justice. However the fact that the arrest of Roman Polanski has brought the Vichy out in an orgasm of rage which makes me very very happy indeed. When I mean the Vichy I of course mean the Luvvie and “Intelligentsia” Vichy. They are absolutely aghast that the American legal system doesn’t take into account that the worm in question is famous, makes films and gets invited around to the Elise palace for tea and Croissants. Quelle Horreur! He is treated in exactly the same way as any other Pleb that happens to be a Paedophile. “But he is a Poet/Artist/Haiku Writing Motherfucker” they say. The Egalite part of Liberte, Egalite, Fraternite doesn’t apply to him, he’s a creative. Apparently if you're French, having a job playing Dress up and pretend means the law doesn’t apply to you.

Polanski is famous for one film about a private detective who finds out the killer – Faye Dunnaway - is a woman who has been raped by her father (so no real stretching of the artistic imagination there), the guy is basically Garry Glitter with a slightly hipper rap. Is his incarceration really going to make that much of a difference to world culture? Oh and because his Date Rape drug of choice was invented in the 60’s and called “Ludes” (a drug that makes you drousy, euphoric and the belief that you need 16 square feet of fabric at the bottom of your trousers) and it was the swinging 60’s this makes it all OK then. Did that damn decade give us anything worthwhile? I suppose it could be argued that being forced to live in France for 30 odd years means he’s been punished enough. I do not agree with this line of thinking either.

Normally I agree with Lech Walensa, but he called this guy a “great person” and “If he did this one sin, forgive him”. You’ve got to be kidding Lech, it wasn’t just this one sin (and even if it was - its what’s known in the Law Enforcement community as a "whopper"). He was screwing other underage girls- Natasha Kinski springs to mind – the minute he stopped running from the L.A. Cops. An amoral French idiot called Serge Toubiana, head of some Frog “Film” archive (they’re Archived because who the hell wants to actually watch a French film) says “Justice has a right to be exercised, but not in any old way." Actually Old boy it’s not in any old way. He was caught, plea bargained and then when he found he was going to jail ran away; he’s now caught and will be sent to jail – sounds pretty normal to me, perhaps you could make another dull French movie out of it?

Meanwhile there’s a huge list of people who also ”Dress up and pretend” as their job who are also clamouring for the nonce to be free. No surprise that Woody Allen is on the list, I wonder whether his daughter/wife has signed up too? Other members of the conga line of scumbags strangely unwilling to offer up the anuses of their daughters to the cause include Michael Mann, Terry Gilliam, Martin Scorsese, Monica Bellucci and Tilda Swinton. I’ll bet if he was a Catholic Priest rather than somebody that could give them a job that paid them $5 million for 3 months "Work" they wouldn’t be quite as understanding.

The crowning Cherry on the cake is that Roman Polanski was in Post Production of the screen version of Robert Harris’s god awful anti-war polemic “The Ghost”. The story is that a fictional version of Tony Blair is getting his memoirs Ghost written and because it’s a book written by a lefty, the only reason Tony Blair supported the war in Iraq is because his wife is a CIA spy. Bearded Dwarf Robin Cook is the hero, and the enraged Military Father of his Iraq war dead son carries out a suicide bombing on Tony Blair (because of course, a serving father who understands war – unlike the novelist - would of course blame the politician rather than the terrorist who actually killed his son). Now I’ve read a lot of shite; but Robert Harris’s “The Ghost” is actually the first book I have ever thrown across the room in disgust, that this dreadful dirge of a novel actually saw the light of day. Hopefully this film version of a staggeringly dreadful book will never now see the light of day. Its obituary being Roman’s DVD commentary consisting entirely of the squealing he makes whilst being gang-sodomised by the Crips in San Quentin.

Now that’s what I call Entertainment!


JimmyGiro said...

I'm surprised these paedophiles don't all become British.

Instead of running from the law, they can collaborate with it, by simply declaring themselves gay, getting a gay partner, then the social services will give them babies for free; with the blessing of the courts, an annual stipend, and waxing on the NHS.

mexicano said...

Great post Travelgall!

Anonymous said...

"Instead of running from the law, they can collaborate with it, by simply declaring themselves gay, getting a gay partner, then the social services will give them babies for free; with the blessing of the courts, an annual stipend, and waxing on the NHS."

pedophiles = gays.

This is the key to understanding jimmygiro

Anonymous said...

Another good one TG. And totally right, as usual.

JimmyGiro said...

Bless you 'Anon' @11:54; I'm glad somebody is here to put me straight.

I was under the delusion that:

Wolves = Wolves

Lambs = Lambs

But sometimes Wolves dress as Lambs to be amongst other Lambs.

This is the key to understanding social services.

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