Thursday, 22 October 2009

Gordon gets the biggest question wrong.

In his divine comedy, Dante suggested that the deepest circle of hell was reserved for schismatics, people who split the church. I thought a 'son of the manse' would be able to come down on the side of good vs evil. Which is better League or Union?

You know, the funny thing is, I think rugby union is more and more like rugby league. The speed at which rugby league moves...and I have always enjoyed watching it because of the speed is now being repeated in rugby union and the games are looking more similar than they ever did.
Which is just untrue. There is no set piece in League. There are no 7ft beanpoles, no whippet-like wingers or terriers wearing no 9. There are no human wrecking balls shaped like strategically shaved beasts of burden wearing 1,2 or 3. In short unless you're average height, stocky and fast, there's no place for you on a League team.

League consists of 13 flankers running into each other four times, falling over then fucking the floor, before the ball is booted down field. The mystery of the scrum, the skills of the line-out and the competition of the contact to recycle the ball are completely missing from the game. Rugby league is like Rugby Union tackling practice. True they share the shape of the ball, and the fact the ball is passed backwards but that's it. Oh and the fact that Rugby (either code) is better than soccer.

Someone brought up with League would say that Union is for soft, southern, shandy-drinking nonces who enjoy sticking their hands between fat blokes' legs, but probably agree with the soccer part.

No true rugby supporter of either code would be without an opinion on which is better. (though everyone outside of Lancashire and Yorkshire knows it's Union). Gordon played Union, and remains a fan. Why can't he just answer the question, which doesn't matter to anyone's politics? League country will return Labour MPs come what may and wouldn't be offended by a Union man saying he "understood union better" or something equally anodyne. Saying they're starting to look the same will piss acolytes of both codes off. And the key electoral battlegrounds of the Midlands will have their opinion of Gordon Brown as a pathetic ditherer who even thinks of sport in terms of electoral triangulation, but lacks Blair's talent for hiding it, confirmed.

Gordon Brown is pathetic.

Roll on the election campaign. He's going to fluff a lot more simple questions it will be an entertaining ride for the next six months.


Anonymous said...

'Soccer'? What are you some kind of Yankee or something?

Blognor Regis said...


Soccer = Association football. As opposed to rugby football. Pos archaic, but only just.

Devil's Kitchen said...

Rugby League is touch rugby for girls.


Jackart said...

Anon.: No, I'm a public schoolboy. Thanks Blognor for backing me up!

DK Much as I prefer Union, I think you're on very shaky ground if you think league is anything other than a very, very tough game. My complaint is that it lacks the variety and subtlety of union.

James said...

Come on, that's a bit harsh on the guy, no? Maybe he actually does think they are becoming similar. I don't really watch either (well bar when Ireland are beating all comers in what I presume is union), anyway argument settled as hurling is obviously the best sport of all :)

Jackart said...

Gordon Brown is a cunt. End of...

Hurling... Fuck that. Hurling's for puffs. Shinty... now there's a man's game.

Henry Crun said...

Oh come on, Jackart. Cut Gordon some slack. Last week he couldn't decide which biscuit he likes best, now you are expecting him to make a decision when faced with a choice of two.

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