Thursday, 4 February 2010

Who's Next?

In a shock Development, Shyster, Swindle & Pratt, lawyers acting for Chris Mullin and Alan Plater sued minor British blogger, A Very British Dude for trademark infringement, arguing that people searching for mr. Mullin's 1982 Novel or Mr Plater's screenplay first aired on Channel 4 in 1988, both titled 'A Very British Coup', might be confused by this Blog's title.

They further argued that they sought to limit the use of the phrase "A Very British..." to only those instances referring to the book or screenplay, unless prior permission is granted in writing (apply to Shyster, Swindle & Pratt). They made further allegations concerning content, suggesting that the blog's title was itself subversive, noting the Pseudonymous author's military experience and dislike of the present Government.

"whilst I am not suggesting that mr. Jackart is planning a military coup against the Labour Government, it cannot be ruled out. Can you be too careful in times such as these?"
he added. Peter Mandelson was seen leaving the building shortly before the press conference.

Naturally I am referring messers Shyster, Swindle & Pratt to the answer given to the plaintiff in the case of Arkell vs. Pressdram.

As is Tory Politico in a similar case. I wish him luck.


Cazzy Jones said...

Great parody for today's good cause. Do have a blogroll link.

Mac the Knife said...

Good. Fuck 'em off.

Letters From A Tory said...

Much ado about nothing, Politico will waste lots of money achieving sod all.

Demetrius said...

So thats why my telephone has been pinging now and again. It is all getting dafter and dafter.

Anonymous said...

I remember Chris Mullin at University in the 1960s. A complete and utter tosser!

Jackart said...

For the avoidance of Doubt, Mr Mullin has not sued me, and I have no opinion on his tosserishness or otherwise.

Unfortunately Tory Politco has been sued... so everyone go and support him.

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