Friday, 23 April 2010

New Zealand air in the South Pacific

Sorry about the lack of blogging from Travelgall. In the South Pacific. I'd like to say that its horrible but with the exception of the Mosquitoes the size of fucking cats in Samoa its great. Sea water the temperature of your bath, perfect golden sands and everybody watches Rugby over here rather than girlie Football. One crowning turd in the water pipe though - Air New Zealand. Or to be exact the 11 hour delay caused by "Engine trouble". For those of you not familiar with airline industry bullshit, everything from the Polish PM stacking it into Russian soil to the Pilot refusing to budge until he's had hand relief from the stewardess is covered by "Engine trouble". Basically they assume passengers won't compain if they say something is wrong with the aircraft. But the Ford Trimotor I caught from a little wooden hut to a grass strip with a palm tree here in Tonga wasn't delayed more than an hour - and they have to get spare parts mail order from IWM Duxford. Nor was the bloody plane to American Samoa. And American Samoan planes require VTOL Rockets that they fix to Special Forces Hercules to get the aircraft to defy Gravity. This is because of the 12 - 800lb tribute to Colonel Sanders Samoans that anchor the plane firmly to Terra Firma. So what every other nationb in the South Pacific area can do - Air New Zealand cannot do. And what is it with Airline Stewardesses on Air New Zealand. Which one did you date honey? Wilbur or Orville?


Anonymous said...

some reports for the English Democrats leaked here

some good figures and facts

Anonymous said...

You & your cheeky posts have been much missed!x

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