Friday, 28 May 2010

A New Tax - ID Cards

I see David Blunkett has threatened to sue in order to get his £30 back that he paid for his National ID Card. Apart from the obvious fact that this is a change of government policy and that no government can bind their successor, does he really want people to be able to sue the government for lost money? Because if he does there’s a couple of grand I want back for the gold they sold at the bottom of the market, another couple of grand for pissing my money away on diversity outreach co-ordinators, more money pissed away on computer systems and databases that didn’t arrive. I would personally like to sue him, and every other member of the shower of shite Zanulabour MP’s that relieved me of a damn sight more than £30 worth of tax when they were in power. Your party lost this and many other arguments – just deal with it Blunkett. Call the £30 a tax on being a nasty controlling illiberal set of bellends, or a Nazi tax for short.


CT said...

Bring it on!

I'm sure the "court of public opinion" as Hattie calls it would just love to have a go at Blunkett in recompense for all the bonkers things he and his twisted tribe of ZanuLab intellectual midgets foisted on the rest of us.

Mummylonglegs said...


Here's my take

Mummy x

Demetrius said...

Blunkett does not have a sense of humour, I'm afraid. During a long meeting he once said he was hungry and I said "Eat the dog" as one does to beggars. He took it amiss.

13eastie said...


Blunkett paid £30 for a piece of paper from the government to remind him about a name he already had.

Now he wants his money back.

Did they spell his name wrongly?

And, come to think of it, if they did, how did he find out?

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