Thursday, 27 May 2010

The Red Cross and the Taliban

Here’s an example of a Red Cross patch that attaches to the Velcro on Coalition UBACS or identity panels worn in Afghanistan. Notice anything about them? Firstly they’re not very big, and more obviously they are not very bright and shiny are they? Don’t stand out very much – especially compared to those World War II movies where both the British/Americans and Ze Germanz wore great big white armbands with the Red Cross on them and great big white helmets with Red Crosses all over them. Now why do you think that the Coalition in Afghanistan don’t wear the internationally recognised symbols of Aid and comfort to the wounded?

When you’ve worked out why, consider this. Under the moral high ground of being neutral to both sides the Red Cross/Red Crescent has been handing out First Aid training and medical kits to the Taliban in Afghanistan. Will the Red Cross be there to stick a plaster on some poor unfortunate Taliban psychopath after he cuts his finger on the controls of the tank he is using to crush some poor Homosexual for defying “God’s will”. Will they be there with a soothing massage when some poor “fighter” gets RSI in his arm from beating up women?

Fine, the Red Cross hands out medical care to combatants regardless of the rights or wrongs of the war in question. Squadron Leader Bertie “Bungo” Byng whiling away the hours in Stalag Luft XYZ will be very thankful for the Red Cross for carrying out their role in providing food, draughts boards, Pornography and keeping the Waffen SS from the door. But if you notice, they’ve not being doing too much in the last 65 years or so. Not too hot when it came to the Massacre at Hue, or stopping the Ethiopians using starvation as a weapon against the Eritreans, nor were they too effective at stopping the West Side Boys from chopping the arms off civvies with a dirty great big machete. Oh, and they haven’t been too successful at stopping Islamic terrorists from lopping the heads of prisoners off (part of their job). Are they getting any quid pro quo from these people in return for patching Abdul up so he can continue his quest for his 72 virgins? I bet you they’re not. Nor will I bet you that they’re providing first aid kit gratis to Western and ANA troops – Jonny Q Taxpayer has that privilege.

As far as I’m concerned, if you deliberately shoot at people wearing internationally recognised symbols of aid then you should get Red Cross/Red Crescent assistance and protection withdrawn. But that’s just me, I guess I’m a bit old fashioned when it comes to the difference between legal and illegal combatants. The Red Cross have the right to be neutral, but then you have the right to tell them where to go when a pretty girl in a Nurses outfit rattles a tin under your nose.


Anonymous said...

1 taliban = all taliban.

some of the taliban are what you say they are, some are just stupid ignorant peasents who maybe deserve some pity.

Anonymous said...

"Are they getting any quid pro quo from these people in return for patching Abdul up so he can continue his quest for his 72 virgins? I bet you they’re not."

You know, as outrageous as this might sound, I don't think these nutters even care whether or not they get something back in return! They just want to love their fellow humans or something.

catharine said...
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