Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Broadsword calling Danny Boy – Arrested Russian spies blending in

Suspect everyone!

The Russians have been caught in a spy ring in Massachusetts, New Jersey, Virginia and New York. And in case your geography is a little hazy, only one of those states contains anything useful militarily. They didn’t set up shop in Nebraska (Presumably since nobody outside America, and few within, has ever heard of that state), headquarters of Strategic Air Command. Nor did they set up shop in New London Connecticut – headquarters of the US Nuclear Submarine fleet. The Military tends to put bases away from civilian areas for fairly obvious reasons, not just because the land is cheap. It would seem Russia’s finest set up shop in places with handy access to strip malls and decent French restaurants. This could be happening in the UK Too. MI5 should start checking Zara in Bluewater straight away.

And here we get to the crux of the matter. Our little Felix Dzerzhinsky’s spent most of their time spending their taxpayers money on Cars, Houses and Soft furnishings. Their expenses are of the scale that would make British MPs blush – or maybe not actually. Gaining jobs in professions like real Estate and “International Consulting”, they didn’t dress up in black and attach rubber suction cups to their hands and knees breaking into the Pentagon as I assume it would have ruined their manicures and tennis wrists. One set of spies switched their dowdy immigrant duplex for an upscale, faux colonial spread. No wonder it took the Americans 10 years to find them.

Their one and only achievement seems to have spoken to an expert on Nuclear Bunker Busting bombs. Although whether this conversation consists of the CEP of MARV nuclear warheads to the 10th Micrometer; or was merely asking afore mentioned scientist for a cup of sugar has not been disclosed. I suspect since these guys are being paraded round the civilian courts rather than soaking up the rays in Guantanamo suggests the latter. I assume they were caught merely because they used code messages like “Excuse me but haven’t we met in California last summer?” with the other agent Replying “No I think it was the Hamptons”. Not only was this clumsy tradecraft, but also everybody knows that the Hamptons became terribly declasee since President Obama started moving poor people into Bankers houses as punishment for Goldman Sachs not being Socialist enough.

It seems that the Russians used British and Irish passports to get into their covers – along with some dead Canadians straight out of “The Day of the Jackal” playbook. Firstly that little loophole stopped withstanding close scrutiny the minute Frederick Forsyth bought his first Rolls Royce, were the SVR trying to leave their own people hanging (nowadays not literally)? Secondly are there any foreign intelligence services NOT USING British passports? It’s symptomatic of the way the Home Office throws them around like Confetti to any and all. MI6 should just send spies abroad with British passports, the amount of them knocking around would be a brilliant double bluff, everybody would assume they were Syrians or Congolese intelligence operatives and send them on their merry way.


Anonymous said...

I understand that the Russian Secret Service were told to downsize to save money but the Secret Service Union objected on the grounds that the political elite were sacrificing the workers who were important front line staff. Negotiations followed and finally an agreement reached in which the workers located in the USA were to stay in their jobs but have less expensive equipment and not to incur unnecessary expense. All this took place years ago and in the meantime the department chiefs had forgotten about them. I understand that the chiefs will still get their bonuses.

Carl said...

Amazing to read about the Nuclear Bunker Busting bombs,and also about the Russians and using passports is useful and interesting to know.

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