Tuesday, 1 June 2010

The French on an African Farming Fund

Reuters have just said that France is going to set up $120mn Agricultural fund. Wow, a whole $120 Million, probably to be given to African farmers over a period of 120 Million years. I guarantee there will be so many caveats, addendums and out and out fiddles before an African Farmer sees a single solitary French Franc/ECU* of this money as to make it not worth while in accepting this Elysee cash. This fund will make the Chinese seem positively generous in comparison. Of course what the French could do is open up the European markets to Agricultural competition by Africa rather than putting Tariffs on their goods. Oh, and they could stop using British and German cash to stop subsidising their Farmers through the CAP, thereby giving African Farmers a level playing field rather than a future of poverty and starvation. Will the Vichy go further than their $120 Million and give African Farmers a genuine chance. I suspect the answer will be “Non”.

Short Arse President Sarkozy also wants Africa to have a seat in the UN Security Council. By Africa he means one of the corrupt dictatorial “Big Man” shitheals that runs whatever French speaking Kleptocracy is most likely to do France’s bidding. Firstly, as the reaction to Mr Mugabe has proved, there is only a handful of nations who have grown up enough to stop spouting the “imperialist” cant crap they learned rote at Patrice Lumumba. Unfortunately the good nations who actually look after their own people like Botswana and Zambia aren’t powerful enough to justify a UN Security Council seat. While the only one that theoretically could (in a “we have to pick a country from the continent so like Brazil, we’ll just go for the biggest one”) – South Africa, is run by a succession of even more idiotic, undemocratic and incompetent leaders picked under the rule of Buggins’s Turn.

*Whatever they are going to call it when Greece and Portugal leaves the Euro


Anonymous said...

What a sorry arse you are !

Travelgall said...

Why thank you for that insightful and wide ranging criticism.

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