Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Get a life Tintin

Had Herge not been a racist bastard, snowy would have been a Scottie

Yet again some chap has got his knickers in a twist about Tintin in the Congo and wants to ban it. The Belgian courts are looking at it. Is the book Risqué, and written during a period of history when white people had less than charitable views on the looks and intelligence of Black people. Yes, it is. Does it stereotype – tick. Is it out and out Racist and saying that Black people are unworthy of life – no. Does it expound the views that Black people are untermensch and need to be exterminated or in slavery. Of course not – it’s a bloody comic involving a Belgian with a funny hair style and a clever little white dog. Basically a 1930’s Wallace and Gromit but with sticks of dynamite blowing up Rhinoceros instead of heavily over promoted Vegetarianism.

Anti Racism campaigners should hold this book up proud as a perfect example of how views and attitudes have monumentally changed in regarding stereotyping of Black people. It should be used as a preserved exhibit in aspic exhibit of what has changed. So much so that the anti-racism campaigners can say the battle is won and then retire to their – oh, er, shit. What would the grievance industry do then? Ah, I see why they want the book banned so much. When the book was discussed by racism campaigners in the UK, sales went from 4343rd to 5th Place on the Amazon best sellers list. Its sales being either the Proof one needs of the vicious outdated colonialist White man being previously unaware of this Bible to Supremacist power through the medium of a Wire Fox Terrier, or of the Racism industry aiming a blunderbuss squarely at their own feet. You decide.

It must be noted that the author took no offence whatsoever when a Black Person in Guyana said “I love you White Boy”. Had the girl in question not been in a school uniform at the time and clearly under age he would have taken this compliment further.

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