Monday, 14 June 2010

I gather there was a Soccer match at the Weekend?

Believe it or not, I watched the game. Glad to see someone is going to replace Gareth Southgate in the Nation's affections. Rob Green must be thanking his lucky stars he's not Columbian. And given England demonstrated their customary mediocrity (in Both forms of football), with The USA 'winning'* 1-1, it's a good job there's one sport at which Brits had something to cheer. So Congratualtions to Williams McClaren, Lewis Hamilton and Jensen Button. You'll keep the flag flying longer than the England football team at this rate.

Back to the Soccer. Someone, somewhere thought it a good idea to issue a Vuvuzela to every supporter in South Africa, with the result that 80,000 tuneless plebians are making a noise like a tone-deaf mental patient with a kazoo.

An infernal buzzing. At 131 decebels.


This, it goes without saying a fucking silly idea. Football, a tedious spectacle at the best of times is made unbearable by the kind of deafening white noise that in almost any other circumstance would represent a war-crime or industrial injury suit waiting to happen.

*The NY post headline is not 'Silly Americans', alas. Apparently it references something famous that happened in College American Football.


North Briton 45 said...

You will be pleased to learn that there are plans for the Vuvuzela to be used at cricket and rugby matches in the future.

Anonymous said...

Thank god there is someone else who does not like football.

The world cup, another reason to realise it is a good idea not having a T.V. set!

Surreptitious Evil said...



Oh dear.

I assume BFBS aren't actually showing anything gathered since 2004 (last victory - their last 1-2 was the French Grand Prix in 2003) in Cyprus?

I think you mean "McLaren". Or "Vodafone McLaren Mercedes" if you want to be sponsorship picky?

Jackart said...

Well done for spotting the um... deliberate... mistake

Fuck. I need an editor.

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