Friday, 25 June 2010

The Unreality of the Leftie Narrative

Charlotte Gore has put my thoughts in a nutshell concerning the "CUTS! Waaaaa" nonsense coming from the left, which is exemplified by this post over at Liberal Conspiracy, which basically tots up the number of people employed by the State in one form or another and does some sums and comes up with 1.6 full time equivalent jobs which must go from the 6 million.

Sounds about right to me. There are too many Civil Serfs and Local Government prod-noses and it's time for one in five of them to be fired. What? You say it's going to be mostly done by hiring freezes? So no bloodbath. You disappoint me.

What the left just never seems to want to address is HOW THIS ENORMOUS WORKFORCE IS GOING TO BE PAID FOR. The public services in which Labour "invested" has got to the point that people (the people who are paying for it) are thinking about the choice between worse services and lower long-term tax on the one hand and continuing to feather bed public sector employees on the other. Now the people who pay for everything are seeing jobs for life, generous pensions and a complete absence of insecurity or even basic budgetary control, and they think "I'm paying for that". Well fuck 'em.

So the budget is supported by 50% of the electorate despite everyone, in every decile of income being worse off (that's y'know, like the definition of "all in it together"). That's a pretty good level of support for what is, effectively a kick in the nuts, because it's a fair and deserved kick in the nuts.

Ditto Benefits. There are people being paid rent of £21,000 in Housing benefit when THEY SHOULD BE MOVING TO A GROTTIER PART OF TOWN, just like the people on low wages WHOSE TAXES ARE PAYING FOR THEM TO LIVE IN CHELSEA.

The message is simple, but the left will not understand it. THE FUCKING MONEY HAS RUN OUT, AND WE CANNOT SPEND ON TICK ANY LONGER. We'd all like a Rolls Royce. Unfortunately we're on second hand Astra money. As Charlotte says, "no-one's going to die from budget cuts". We, out here in the private sector didn't "cause the recession" either, they happen sometimes; but we've endured, tightened belts and got on. It's time for your recession now.



Anonymous said...

Yes, this is a very evil plan. They are trying to entice people to become government workers through jobs for life and lucrative pensions etc. There will be no good outcome from this. It is a tough fight because it is hard to convince people when they feel secure in their government job. They will become supporters of this political agenda to protect their livlihoods and false security. The only increase in jobs any stimulous money has provided has been government jobs, not jobs from the private business sector. They continue to add people to their roster and right now are pushing for amnesty for 12 million people to ensure a democrat majority. People better start to wake up and not trade their freedom for entitlements.

Unfortunately the only way to pay for this will be increased taxes to where the rich will pay 90% and then it will filter down to the middle and eventually to the lower wage earners. People will then essentially be working and existing for the government. At that point they can suddenly lower wages and control the people. Sounds..... umm a bit communistic. It all falls into place with the plan of a one central government with an elite ruling class. Politicians will no longer be elected but appointed.

In order to proceed with this plan, here in the US they have to attack our 1st and 2nd amendments, the right to free speech and the right to bear arms. They are already attempting this through the Fairness Doctrine and the Disclose Act. This is why Americans hold dear to their guns. They know if they disarm us we become defenseless sitting ducks. If they continue to screw with the gun issue I fear it will result in violence. Things have never been so politically polarized in my lifetime before.

One more piece of the pie in this is to inflate money which is what our government is doing by printing more and more money. By doing this it makes all your benefits worth less as well as foreign debt. This dicks over all the people who trusted the government but by then they don't care as they are already in control and have taken away your 1st and 2nd amendment rights and you essentially become serfs. There is a sequence of events here and people must wake up and stop it now.


Anonymous said...

Splendid rant, sir - wholeheartedly concur.

JimmyGiro said...

In the Liberal Conspiracy article, they quote over 6M as the 'public sector' total; does this number include all the quangos?

For example, does the figure include all those on the NSPCC payroll, who receive government grants as well as private donations?

Anonymous said...

This absolutely typifies the attitude of the right. there are no facts whatsoever in this article it is just a rant. Fair enough if you're angry at us in the left but the simple fact is this - the banking sector caused the recession, and the public sector and the poor are paying for it. Go on leftie blogs and you have reasoned, well thought out arguments. This blog was a waste of my time that in no way improved my understanding of the situation.

Jackart said...

A good rant is cathartic. You may get insightful analysis from Lib Con sometimes, but at the moment all you get is economic lunacy based on the lie at the heart of Labour's campaign.

When the left accepts Labour bankrupted the country, and that everyone has to tighten their belt a bit, including the bloated public sector, then maybe... just maybe they'll get out of opposition.

But I think lefties just like crying "Cuts! Waaaaaa".

Anonymous said...

Would you care to provide a single shred of evidence for any of the asertions you make?

The Daily Express doesn't count.

Your post defines unreality unless you can produce evidence for your bizarre claims.

Anonymous said...

FFS! Tax the RICH! Tax the bloody RICH!!! T-A-X them!
Problem solved, you idiot, civilization restored.

Alan McAlpine Douglas said...

Don't have the actual figures, but I think if 25 % of government spending WERE cut, it would take us back to maybe 2005 or 2006 spending levels, even allowing for inflation.

Are these lefties saying the country could not manage quite well at 2005 spending levels ? Or the impossibly smaller amounts it spent every year before that ?

Waaaaaaaaaaaa ....

Alan Douglas

Jackart said...

That's "analysis" from the left, is it? "Tax the rich" and "Cuts WAAAAAA!". Pathetic.

The rich are already taxed, any more and they're off, to everyone's detriment. The welfare state is overgenerous, so people CHOOSE not to work.

The public sector has enbjoyed 13 years of plenty and operated without any budget constraint. This budget puts them in the real world, where money doesn't grow on trees.

My guess: Few people not actually working as diversity outreach coordinaters will actually notice the "Cuts".

Private Widdle said...

" Fair enough if you're angry at us in the left but the simple fact is this - the banking sector caused the recession, and the public sector and the poor are paying for it."

Wrong, wrong and wrong again. It might be consoling to you lefties to think like that, but you're deluding yourselves. The banking crisis happened on Brown's watch and he had encouraged the insane risk-taking by Northern Rock and RBS et al- remember how proud he was of his "light touch" regulation? Goodwin was even brought in as an advisor. In the meantime the public sector workforce grew enormously over those 13 years.

A piss-poor government failing to notice what was going on and take corrective action combined with profligate spending and borrowing got us in this mess.

SSH said...

How does the banking crisis happening under Brown mean that it wasn't the cause of the recession? AFAIK, the banks were in the private sector. Lets face it, are the Cons really likely to have had tighter regulation if they were in power back then?

Jackart said...

Tighter regulation IS THE PROBLEM. It means the bank Games the rules rather than focussing on its business.

Too big to fail should be too big. Competition law should be rigorously enforced, and excessively large banks should be broken up.

That means no bailouts.

And the Government was bankrupting itself before 2007. So blaming the banks might fael good, but it marks you out as a pig-ignorant lefty with prejudice replacing thought and shit for brains.

Anonymous said...

Whether it was the banks fault, the public sector or brown, this whole "it's not my fault why should I suffer" crap is exedingly immature.

I don't care if it wasnt your fault, it happened so deal with it, as many other people whose fault it wasnt also have had to deal with it.

Saying it wasnt the public sectors fault, doesnt magically counjure up the money required to maintain goverment overspending.

Anonymous said...

Labour makes people poorer. I know I live in Glasgow. I'm looking for a job and the council/quango/nhs jobs in admin are all £2,500 more per year that like for like in the private sector. Take that into account the next time you see some Unison mouthpiece screeching about how public sector workers are paid less so they need better pensions.

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