Tuesday, 22 June 2010

What I would like from the budget

The Budget - This is going to hurt

Fairly simple really - I only want four things in return for the more taxes I will have to pay yet again.

Firstly I want the blood of the public sector. Not Doctors, Policemen and Soldiers, but diversity outreach co-ordinators and the plethora of box ticking pricks that are an anchor on our country. It’s cheaper to pay them welfare than it is to keep them in their pointless non-jobs, tell them that their last day in work should be more profitably spent filling in one of these.

Secondly a lot fewer taxes for the lower paid in order to reward their work over those quite happy to suck on the public teat.

Thirdly Sickness benefit needs to be cut for those who don’t need it. They are literally stealing from those who genuinely do require full time care. You’re stressed? You need a more relaxing job - fill out one of these.

Fourthly I want Harriet “Face like fire damaged Lego” Harman to acknowledge the utter misery they left us in paying off their debts. Fat chance of course but they owe us a grovelling apology for dumping us in this mess.

We should never be in this position again. People need to start making their own decisions. The state must never be in a position when it is providing "services" like this this, this or this.

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