Thursday, 3 June 2010

The White House and Judging Character

Sir Paul McCartney has said that “For an English Kid growing up in Liverpool, the White House – that’s pretty special”. Well Paul, you’re a fairly unusual English Kid. Because most British people don’t give a rats arse about where some American politician lives. They think Wembley is special, ditto Buckingham Palace, Lords Cricket Ground and Twickenham if they watch proper sports, the Tower of London and the lots and lots of great big castles we have. Given a bit of thought they would internationalise the list by adding Colditz and the Normandy beaches if they read Commando Comics, Paris if they’re girls, and Elton John’s house if they’re “Confused”. But the White House – meh!

I have a deep affection for the Average American and even I say the White House isn’t that big, it isn’t that pretty, and is only really used for photo calls. All the proper historic agreements the Americans make involving foreigners are either done at Camp David, Foggy Bottom or Reykjavik if we’re talking Atomic Firecrackers. The domestic stuff with international implications – such as deciding to introduce more bone protectionism is done by the Representatives and the Senate. Other than signing the Ballooning Budget deficit which affects the stock markets, and perhaps welcoming the British Ambassador to give him some more DVDs; the decisions made at the White House from Federal funds for sanitation trucks, and milk and cookies for the National Spelling Bee champion affect me not a jot.

Sir Paul also says “He’s a great guy, so lay off him” regarding the ‘No friend of the UK’ President Obama. You’ll forgive me Paul, but your track record regarding spotting nice people isn’t that impressive. There’s your choice of wife number two who practically had “Bad news” stamped on her forehead, how much money did you give to Guru Jiwat Awankar or whatever he was called? Do you have any friends that didn’t recommend you taking lots of drugs? Your friends include PETA who want to rename Fish “Sea Kittens” in order to give them a more positive image. Oh and have I mentioned your ex-wife? It takes a special kind of prick to tell the Dalai Lama (and by the way a bunch of Doctors) he is wrong regarding his own bloody diet. So I hope you’ll understand if I reserve judgement on those whom you pronounce thoroughly good eggs.

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