Friday, 16 July 2010

BP and Libya

I see Obama’s party quest to fuck over BRITISH Petroleum has taken a further twist when the US Government is stamping its feet up and down like a petulant child about BP links with Libya and whether they did or did not lobby for his release in return for an exploration Deal. Was this a slippery deal – yes. Did they put pressure on the government for this oily individual to be released, I doubt it. Did they put pressure on the UK government to improve bilateral ties of which Megrahi was a key problem – almost certainly. Was it a mistake to release him personally – yup. Is this an embarrassment to me personally that this arsehole was released rather than spending his last breath looking at reinforced concrete and a slopping out tray. Yes – however…

You can blame the British (well actually the Anti-British British SNP), but ask yourself this. Has Libya changed for the better? Are they no longer supporting the blowing up of US sergeants in nightclubs? Are they actively funding Terror Groups now? Do they supply arms and material to terror groups? Does the US State Department themselves want to return ties to how they were on the 15 April 1986. The answer to all these questions you will find are no.

Explain how this is any different from the US Government backing any tin pot dictator that could buy himself a pair of Bolle sunglasses and a Pearl Handled M1911 from Managua to Manila. Was this to stop the flow of Communism, or was it that the US Government had some nice client states such as the Marcos’s who were more willing to buy their M-16 and allow them the odd Runway than the democratic Corazon Aquino. Or, a bit closer to my home, how about forcing the UK government to release a bunch of IRA and INLA psychopaths and murderers back onto the street in the name of peace. Which, just like Libya has delivered a sort of peace that is to the advantage of both our governments despite the loathsome feeling it generates dealing with these scumbags.

The real difference is, unlike you Representative Peter King (Republican just for a bit of balance but Teddy Chappaquiddick Kennedy also springs to mind) et all, we didn’t allow British Subjects to fund the fucker. Yet your government allowed some of your citizens to fund Terrorism. And you didn’t even get a decent business deal and a reduction in the available amount of Semtex-10 on the open market out of it. You got some swing state votes from a people whose motivation on supporting Terrorism is that their great grandfather once took a dump in Galway when the boat from Danzig took on Fresh water and Pornography. Just like Bhopal, American governmental hypocrisy stinks.

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