Friday, 6 August 2010

Hiroshima - British attendance

The annual remembrance of when a bucket of instant sunshine was Dropped on Hiroshima will be attended for the first time by the British government. I assume with PM Dave’s new emphasis on business working hand in hand with diplomacy, they’ll be taking Sir Norman Foster along to Flog “Urban Renewal” planning. The Americans are also going for the first time, along with the stunning debut of the French – although why they are there is simply beyond me. The French did very little to liberate their own country, despite the best efforts of General De Gaulle to pretend otherwise; their fight against the Japanese was even less notable and consisted of the odd dodgy Prawn Vol-au-vent served to Kempeitai Colonels at Vichy embassy cocktail parties.

Now I’m all for Building Bridges with the Japanese but I do hope the British embassy will be making the odd pithy quip at the ceremony, especially when the Mayor stands up and says that this was the first time a weapon of mass destruction was used in war as the museum in Hiroshima pretends it was. It wasn’t. The Japanese were dropping Plague, Cholera and Anthrax on the Chinese 4 years before we dropped the big one* – along with carrying out some incredibly disgusting vivisection experiments on humans. And the main Manufacturing plant of the Japanese Chemical and Biological Warfare Centre for the Imperial Japanese Army during World War II – oh irony of ironies – Hiroshima.

Korean slave labour being worked to death in Hiroshima at the time still hasn’t been recognised as victims of the blast. They had to sue the Japanese for compensation. And even after the second bomb had been dropped on Nagasaki the Japanese still tried to fight on – Indeed if it hadn’t been for a 315th Bomb Wing B-29 Raid over Tokyo, a military coup that was in the offing to hold the Emperor prisoner and destroy his recorded the surrender broadcast would have succeeded and the Japanese would have continued fighting. Read “The Last Mission” by Jim Smith.

What I would like to happen is the British Ambassador leaning across to the American Ambassador and say “Fucking good arrows John” and then start whistling Colonel Bogey. After that he can raid the souvenir shop for “Hello Kitty” Mushroom Cloud Key rings to his hearts content.

* And when I say we I mean we. The British were heavily involved in the Manhattan Project. Unfortunately we also sent little communist nobs like Nun May and Klaus Fuchs who basically gifted the nuke to Joseph Stalin. Group Captain Leonard Cheshire RAF and the British Dr William G Penney were also on the Nagasaki Bombing mission.


Mr Ecks said...

Agree with every word.

Why are you a patriot with a long memory when it comes to the Japanese and yet so happy to have us sold down the river to the Eurotrash?.

Yes, the Euros aren't mad militarists but they are just as fond of listening to the opinions of others as Tojo and his mates were. The Eurotrash attack by stealth IS taking over this country with the ongoing deceitful assistance of your plastic-faced hero (and slags like Teresa May). The Japs had some initial success and then it was downhill all the way.The Euros are getting there step by step.

Anonymous said...

Spot on. Unit 731 and the Rape of Nanking killed far more people than Hirshima and Nagasaki combined. The treament of POWs was on a scale of barbarity that made sitting out the war in a German camp look like a cottage holiday in Devon.

So Mr Ambassadors (UK/US), go ahead and show up to the ceremony, but don't you fucking dare apologise.

Umbongo said...

I think we can assume that the British Ambassador to Japan will be as dignified and effusive in his tributes to the dead of Hiroshima and, by implication, Japan's fighting heroes of Nanking as the British Ambassador to Lebanon was to the late leader of Lebanon's heros in their war against the Jews.

Simon Jester said...

Mr. Ecks, I think you missed that this article was penned by Travelgall, who tends to take a more jaundiced view of matters Eurine and iDave-ish, than the Dude.

Also - I think you mean Theresa May. I wouldn't wish to confuse an eminent practitioner of her profession with that atrocious numpty of a politician.

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