Monday, 23 August 2010

Nerds go spastic

Nerds do their annual weight training with the aid of sponges.

There is a Brouhaha over the Computer game Medal of Honor. Dr Liam Fox the current defence secretary said that the game should be banned because you could play the Taliban and "shoot" British Soldiers. Dr Fox and the British Ministry of Defence pointing out that unlike other games where for example you get to play Jerry and shoot Brits - the war against the Taliban is still ongoing and this is a tad in bad taste. They also point out that those that could be offended by World War II player games aren’t the chaps that play them – such as my Grandfather who was on the Lancastria at St Nazaire, D-Day and Liberated Bergen Belsen concentration camp because he’s unfortunately passed away. My other Grandfather who is still alive and had a German helmet with the German head still in it handed to him whilst on the Shetland bus by a Norwegian Linge Commando who wanted it as a souvenir is a bit old for computer games.

On the other hand you have the nerds who have put down their suspiciously sticky laminated photos of Captain Janeway and hit the internet in outrage that somebody would dare take away their SAS walting fantasies. They argue that Electronic Arts carries out a vitally important service. Like Vegans they aren’t able to physically lift an FN Minimi, would soil themselves if they had to walk across Salisbury Plain – let alone Brecon, can’t bear direct sunlight for longer than it take for them to take the rubbish out for their mothers, and would be rejected from the Army on the grounds that – if deployed - their body odour breaks the 1993 UN Chemical Weapons Convention treaty.

My personal take on it as a very interested party is this. Go ahead and Publish and be damned Electronic Arts. Dr Fox is right, it is Un-British, but then so is banning something. Playing the Taliban in this game is no different to those Walting Cunts who all seem to pick the Waffen SS uniforms to get dressed up in at the Walt War and Peace show. Offensive – yes, should be illegal – no.

As an aside. I hope Electronic arts have got their game factual. Bonus points playing the Taliban for shooting 10 year old kids as “Informers”, Crushing Homosexuals underneath tanks and beating women for showing their eyebrows.


The Fatch said...

It is a little in bad taste but it was an inevitability. As with all these things, if you find it truly offensive don't buy it.

Mr Wallis said...

The way the game uses the Taliban is completely arbitrary. The game itself (the "Campaign") is played as the ISAF forces against the Taliban.

BUT multiplayer (ie the part of the game that made Call of Duty MW2 so popular) where people play against each other online, is simply 2 teams in an arcadey type shoot 'em up. There is no storyline to the multiplayer it's simply deathmatch, capture the flag etc. The team you are on has no relevance to anything except in name. Call of Duty MW2 uses Spetsnaz, US army rangers etc.

People take these things too seriously, if they understood how little it really means in the game they would realise that they are making an issue out of something that isn't.

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