Thursday, 26 August 2010

No cure for cancer

Comrade Bob is apparently loosing his battle against cancer. I just want to say to the “President” of Zimbabwe - Get worse soon Bobby. Here’s hoping there are a lot of very painful rectal exams involved. Combined with that IRA priest who swerved justice from the courts but died of Cancer, it seems that at least two people will/have die/d an incredibly well deserved and painful death from this disease. Bravo Cancer. Does anybody know what brand Mugabe smokes, I’d like to send a letter of thanks to the manufacturer?

As somebody on Arrse pointed out, let’s hope he doesn’t get any treatment in Libya. For some reason Cancer seems to clear up completely when you cross the border.


Simon Jester said...

Let's hope he gets treatment on the NHS, instead.

The Fatch said...

His replacement is likely to be worse but slightly more charming about it.

startledcod said...

I don't want Mugabe to die from cancer, I would like him to be sentenced to a lifetime of impotent and total despair; remove all and any hope he might have for ever and hope that he lives a very long time.

Nothing would hurt him more than if he were completely overcome by a sense of futility or defeat.

The Fatch said...

Startlecod do you mean you want him to move to Luton?

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