Thursday, 19 August 2010

On other defence related issues and the Spending Challenge

The Tin Foil Hat Brigade has been out in force on the Spending Challenge Website. This one is a particularly good one. “rather than send troops to Afghanistan – send VSO workers – kindbness will succeed where weapons do not”.

Course they will sunshine. Guess you missed that British Doctor and the 9 fellow unarmed civilian doctors that were helping the people of Afghanistan being murdered by the Taliban. How the hell do these people manage to remember to breathe?

Go on and have a vote on the web site. It won’t make a jot of difference, but you can feel good voting down the hippies – enjoy.


He's Spartacus said...

I predict this latest exercise in open government is going to be another roaring success, like the "Programme for Ignoring the Voters".

Robert Edwards said...

Who is this 'name withheld'? What a great idea; then we can be saturated with videos of well-meaning people have their heads sawn off by mad Jihadists.

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