Sunday, 8 August 2010

On the Rocks

Mia Farrow has stood up in court and said that Naomi Campbell was lying through her teeth under oath when she said she didn’t know they were Diamonds. Other than the fact that there must be a joke somewhere in this along the lines of “There was a model, an actress, a war Criminal and Nelson Mandela standing at the bar”… Did anybody believe Naomi anyway? Her job is to wear clothing and jewellery, walk in a straight line for 50 metres, turn and come back. She must have worn enough of em’ to tell the difference between a diamond and a “Dirty stone”. I’ve seen raw diamonds coming out of the ground in Guyana, and I could bloody well tell the difference – and the only time I’ve looked at diamonds before or after is to buy an engagement ring. Ms Campbell has either the brain of a small water chestnut or she’s fibbing.

On another matter, I realise that we are talking minor celebrities here. But there seems to be a lot of talk about diamonds in the press, and bugger all about large amounts of children’s limbs being amputated with rusty machetes. I also see that if he’s convicted then he’ll be spending time in a British jail which we’ll be paying for, unless he gets sent to Scotland in which case he’ll be out in 6 months on humanitarian grounds. Why are we paying for this arsehole to be jailed? They have jails in Sierra Leone. Freetown Central Prison looks like a nice place, built for 220 pre-independence – it’s now got over 1000 inmates so he’ll have lots of people to chat to. Lovely views of the coast, lots of fresh sea air. Perfect.


Anonymous said...

I don't know about the details.

Would he be relaiably jailed over there, as opposed to let out early etc?

Are the politics in those countries reliably stable for that not to happen?

Anonymous said...

"Would he be relaiably jailed over there, as opposed to let out early etc?"

As opposed to what happened to Megrahi in Scotland I presume?

The Fatch said...

Many a time I have been at a party when the uncut diamonds have been passed round, I do not partake but I am a strong believer in the right to choose.

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