Friday, 27 August 2010

Transcript of Kim Jong Ill discussing Jimmy Carter release.

NSA Signal Intercept AF-44564-5832-BZAKL. SIGINT Satellite Mentro RER-3-2. Source Echelon US Eyes Alpha Only. 39.031859oN 125.753765oE Pyongyang North Korea

Source Juliette India Kilo - General Ping. I got that seaniwe old guy who smell of Peanuts in Wobby. He want Yank Prisoner Back. Prisoner any good at digging Brown Cowl out?

General Ping - No Gweat Weader. He Fucking wazy Wanker. Dug Fuck awl out. Also bitching about food. He want two fish heads per gawwon of water for soup. Say Cockroaches not good enough.

Source Juliette India Kilo – Seaniwe owld guy Brought Bowwinger and Hennessy?

General Ping –Yes Sun of Sociawism. Case of Bowwinger. 3 Bottwes of Bwandy. Not the cheap stuff neithew

Source Juliette India Kilo – And the powst from my fwiends in Iran, Burmah and Swyriaw?

General Ping – Yes Gworious Genewal who descended from Heaven. He bwought fucking lot.

Source Juliette India Kilo – Fuck He cheapew than fucking Fed-ex. Suppose he seeing them all anyway. Why they put up wifh him, may be cheap post but still fucking annoying.

General Ping – No Idea Highest Incarnation of the Revowutionary Comwadewy wove. Most people he wike not wiked by other yanks, say they all nasty dictators. Course they don’t say that about you Gweat Father of Nation. Even impewialist dogs still wove and wespect you. What you want me to do about Cawter.

Source Juliette India Kilo – He pain in the fucking Jacobs. If I don’t give him wank back he fucking back hear next month showing me peace pwize again. Fuck, he woves his own voice.

General Ping –. Yes Gweat Sun of Nation. I get Yank weleased. What you want in your bed tonight oh Invincibwe and Awl triumphant Genewal.

Source Juliette India Kilo - Fancy something with a nice wobbly arse. Better keep doctor outside just in case I have nother stwoke. Oh and teww Air Twaffic Contwowl Guy, if Pwane not out of North Korean airspace with him on it in 2 Hours, fammiwy all shot.

General Ping – So you not want to meet old guy?

Source Juliette India Kilo – Fuck no. Teww him I washing my hair or something.

General Ping – Yes Gweat Symbol of the Unification of Fathewwwwland

Obviously inspired by Matt Stone and Trey Parker

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