Thursday, 9 September 2010

Bio Fuels. The Solution for the worlds energy needs found in Florida.

In response to one lot of religious whack jobs burning another group of religious whack jobs books, a less lunatic bunch of religious people have a solution. For every Koran that the Rev Terry Jones burns, they plan to distribute another 1000. If the Rev Terry Jones then burns these 200,000 then the Muslim group will have to produce another batch, this time 2,000,000 Korans. Now if AAJ (Allah Akbar Jihad) is the equivalent number of Paper Pellets to be produced, Y(/3x2) is the equivalent Coal production, Z is the Kilojoules of energy created then you add in the equation…

AAJ= Y(/3x2)xZ

If we then take off the equivalent energy required to produce the suicide bombs (72 Virgins or 72V), AK-47 Bullets and energy expanded raping and Murdering Pakistani and Egyptian Christians (PEC )as “retaliation” for the book being burnt but add the energy Created from Burning Effigies, Burning Collateral damage and Nylon American flags (Great Satan) we have….

AAJ=Y(3x2)-PEC-72V-7.62(x2=30)x BE + BCD + GS÷xZ

Or More simply AAJ-(Sum PEC)(SUM CD)/7.62+(x2) = TRIOGACAGCSEM*

The Reason I Only Got A “C” At GCSE Maths- back in the day when you didn’t get an A Star for colouring in the middle of all the zeros on your exam paper.

But the point is this, we could solve our energy needs at once burning paper. OPEC could become the Organization of Koran Exporting Countries. Hell, they only need to tippex out one letter on their Stationary. Not even that if you get a good secretary (Male of course, women who all displease Allah and interfere with Man Love Thursdays by calling me to fetch a spider out of the bath should be at home) who can change the P into a K.

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JimmyGiro said...

"GCSE" !!!

Isn't that what you got when they watered down the O-level with a CSE, so the rugby players had something to show their social worker?


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