Thursday, 30 September 2010

Burning Cars

Jonny Foreigner is getting all excited as he is apt to do about the austerity cuts that are sweeping the EU. The schadenfreude one gets watching les Europeans whining about the EU, combined with the sheer joy of watching policeman dressed like Alex Murphy turning the water cannons on the unwashed Communist protestors is really hard to beat. Honestly I’d have to see the England pack carry out a 10 yard pushover try against the New Zealanders in the world cup final to surpass that level of watching pleasure. The Media headlines of “Workers striking” are wholly incorrect though. Looking at the pictures of the Spanish riots for example – one doesn’t need to be Lord Peter Wimsey to deduce that every man jack of them hasn’t worked a day in his life, as they’re all 19 year old students.

However, are we about to see the same level of riot clad cops on the streets of London as the UK carries out its own austerity measures? Will we see more Poll Tax riots in protest over tax officials and diversity outreach co-ordinators loosing their jobs? This is a tricky one, when the left don’t get their way by more democratic means - they’re big fans of throwing the odd house brick to show how unhappy they are. On the other hand we’re not talking miners here, the most manual labour most of the potential strikers do is lifting a lever arch file off a shelf – after making sure they bend their knees according to health and safety manual 6825-4-A. There may be the odd fireman in the crowd with a bit of upper body strength, but I’m sure the Army will be quite happy to shoot rubber bullets at them with choice epithets along the lines of “Thanks for screwing up my post Afghan leave by making me drive a Green Goddess you workshy twat”.

Will these protests gather the support of the country? Well, they’ll gather the support of the public sector, with the exception of the cops who always look forward to walloping the crap out of people on overtime pay. But I suspect they’ll fall rather flat on the private sector who have had job losses, pay cuts and their pensions raided for years. I have a foot in both camps in one respect working both privately and by the state. But I realise there’s a bigger issue here, the state needs to share the pain felt by the private sector. Any I’m pretty sure that most of the public feel that way too. If the unions are looking for support from the general public, they simply aren’t going to get it. They should be working to identify which areas need to go and which need to stay. But they won’t of course; they’ll be fighting to save all the administrators, civil servants and other assorted cock clag of the State. Which is why they’ll end up in hospital with severe contusions to the testicles after trying to throw a piece of paving slab through the windscreen of a panda car.

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