Tuesday, 7 September 2010

In Which the Dude takes ACTION!

Mr Eugenides said it first, and I heartily concur with his response to the proposal that all PAYE salary goes to the Taxman who then deigns to give you an allowance: a response of FUCK OFF.

Anyway as he's said everything that needs to be said about this disgusting proposal, I thought I would DO something about it. So here's the text of the letter I wrote to my MP.

I am sure you have seen the Telegraph report about an idea that the HMRC takes one’s monthly salary and then gives you back what it thinks you should have “to reduce errors”. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/newstopics/politics/7985181/HMRC-could-take-direct-control-of-pay-cheques-after-tax-errors.html

This is one of the most disgusting, totalitarian proposals I have ever seen; It would shame the last “Government” and shows that there are people in this administration too who don’t understand the correct role of the state: the SERVANT of the people, not our MASTER. I am having trouble writing to you about this without using Anglo-Saxon invective. Are we Tories civil-libertarians, or not? Are there really people so trusting of the all-powerful state who can’t see anything wrong with this?

Can you reassure me that it’s not a serious proposal so I can shelve plans to emigrate to somewhere business-friendly and free, like North Korea, or Cuba?

Furthermore would It be possible to find out who came up with this revolting proposal, so I can campaign to have them removed from whatever post they may hold?
I will keep you updated as to the response.


BenefitScroungingScum said...

I do hope you wrote it in green biro to ensure they take it seriously;)

The only bit I'm finding funny about this idea is that it wasn't Labour's! BG Xx

Anonymous said...

I shouldn't worry too mouch, yet

Its only a proposal. When the discussion period ends in a couple of weeks they'll then draft the legislation and call a consultation phase which amounts to gathhering evryone's objections together so that they're ready for dickheads in hoc.

Given the record of HMRC and ITI don't think it is possible they give a toss, nor have they considered the day the system goes down and 20 million don't get their pay, and the 7 million bouncing mortgages the week after.

Just my 2c

Viva la revolution

Anonymous said...

I'll check my spelling first if I post again.

Viva la revolution

Anonymous said...

I don't believe this goverment will be any better than the last.

Possibly not worse, but not better.

I've yet to see any actual change in anything.

It will take riots to get them to change, and it would take something like this being enacted to get people to riot.

Mr Ecks said...

HMRC are useless and have the worst management you can imagine. This is a fantasy from senior management morons. They can't make the system they have work never mind do the sums for millions each week month.It is a non-starter.

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