Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Is Ffion getting the Bums Rush?

In light of Guido discussing William Hague sharing a hotel room with his Special Advisor I hope this doesn’t mean the end of William Hague’s career. He’s actually competent at his job, seems a nice bloke who you’d have less than 12 pints with, and genuinely contributes to the good of the country. And besides I believe he is telling the truth when he says he doesn’t bat for Lancashire. I shared a room with a mate on his stag do, doesn’t mean I’ve moved in with a manicurist called Maurice.

But whether you’ve got Gloria Gaynor on your Ipod and have an interest in soft furnishings or not is irrelevant. What is relevant is this. If at the age of adulthood you find yourself checking mans arses out (either more or completely) rather than women’s FFS Don’t get married to a woman. It’s just not polite to treat a lady this way and not doing so will ultimately make your life easier. Surely this can’t be that difficult to work out?


Techno Mystic said...

The gay insinuations are malicious.

However, employing Mr Myers as a "special adviser" in the Foreign Office, against Cameron's instructions on SPADs, was a mistake.

I met him a couple of times when he was parachuted in as the chairman of our Conservative Association. I understood that his background was in business property.

He was clearly being given special treatment despite lacking the appropriate expertise for the role. He was clearly unsuited to the rough and tumble of politics, and Hague showed poor judgement on this occasion.

Either that or the role of "special adviser" will have to be renamed. Perhaps to something like "personal assistant" or "secretary".

The Fatch said...

Unfortunately to run the country it is deemed necessary to have a wife and ideally children. As Mr Hague wanted to have a serious run at being PM a wife was needed whether he wanted one or not. Personally the need does not make sense surely a person sans family would have more time to run the country.

Sharing a twin room indicates nothing. When we are going on about MP expenses this must be the best option.

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