Monday, 13 September 2010

Tools Down

Oh this is terrible. The Evil Tory job cuts (Not yet announced) have caused £27 Billion of Taxes to remain uncollected. Mark Serwotka, Union Steward and Professional Scrabble contestant has said. The Horror! Think of those £27 Billion pound coins out there, all alone in the pocket of the person that earned them. Unloved, un cared for, away from the warm embrace of the state. He also says the job cuts caused by merging Inland Revenue have caused the incompetence, not the fact that his workers are fuckwits. Comrades, Taxmen are loosing their jobs, to the streets people!

Bob Crow has also said that the cuts must be resisted and threaten Strikes and civil disobedience. And the afore mentioned Andy Triple Word score has said the public should be ready for “a campaign of resistance the like of which we have not seen in this country for decades”. Well this will certainly save one department’s budget. Just like the Miners strike, the Police should get a nice bit of overtime for this one. Their truncheons whacking lefties the like of which we have not seen in this country for decades. The question on everybody’s lips is this. Other than Plod who will be cutting round in a nice new Ford Focus Zetec, will anybody actually notice? The way you used to spot “Industrial” action was when the rubbish started piling up, but since the eco “we are guests upon this planet” collections started this is hardly anything new. Does the state still bury dead people?

Some Union Bright spark is suggesting sit downs on the motorway. Oh, what could possibly go wrong there? Good to see the money they peel out of my wallet going to making sure the brightest and best are working for the state.


Billy Blofeld said...

Oh I bloody well enjoyed that post.......

chris said...

If the shirkers are going to try sit downs on the motorways then nobody will notice if they do it on the M25, but I wonder if the Israelis are willing to hire out those nice armored bulldozers.

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