Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Will Red Ed owe Unite something?

That’s the question on political betting this morning. I suspect the question is not whether Red Ed will owe the Unions but whether T’Labour Party as a whole owes the unions. In case anybody didn’t notice, they’re as broke as the country that they ran into bankruptcy for 13 years. The brothers own their ass full stop. Tony Blair tried to stop Labour being reliant on the unions and look how that turned out - It left him with Bernie Ecclestone and a bunch of Cash for Peerages questions hanging over him. Red Ed is only the tip of the iceberg. The Unions have already parachuted in their placemen into save Labour seats as Mr Harriet Hateman has so amply demonstrated.

Yet I wonder how this Union funding will continue though when they’re paying out strike pay to the comrades manning the barricades protesting against the Tory implemented, IMF supported cuts to their diversity outreach jobs. Labour has sold its business in shares and given a lot of seats on the board to a ‘firm’ with severe cash difficulties on the horizon – paying out strike pay and not receiving £10 Million of money laundered from the Taxpayer to the union “modernisation” fund.

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