Sunday, 3 October 2010


Obviously everyone's seen the video in which Climate deniers, or even those merely indifferent to Global Climate Chaos, or whatever it's called by the eco-loonies this week, get blown up. Richard Curtis is a talented film-maker, and the video has gone viral. Presumably as the makers intended. They may have apologised, but it's not an own-goal, it's a successful piece of attention-grabbing agitprop.

Of course everyone's fantasised about blowing up their enemies, and if you're in agreement, of course you'll find it funny. And defligrating snot-nosed school children in inherently funny. So if Michael Winner's available, maybe "the right" could put together a video of exploding "deficit deniers".

Who wouldn't pay a tenner to see Ed Balls' entrails splattered over members of the Labour party? It would be more effective than the faux outrage drooling over the web as a result of the eco-nutters' latest piece of hysteria.

But please, don't call this stupid, or an own-goal. It isn't.


JimmyGiro said...

It's a gauntlet, a red rag; the film makers want a fight, even if the 10:10 campaigners claim they don't.

Libertarian said...

I normally agree with most things that you post.

You are totally wrong about this. I'm not interested in the rights or wrongs of the video, but NOWHERE has it enhanced their cause, NOWHERE has it raised awareness of an issue that people didn't know about. It has gone viral due to the shear anger and outrage even amongst their own supporters. This has done untold damage to their cause and not helped it in any desirable sense

Fascist Hippy said...

I am, like many, outraged by this video. If anyone cares to write to the MD's/CEO's of the organisations/companies that sponsor this crap here are some of them,

The Carbon Trust
The Energy Saving Trust
The Guardian

Some of whom are tax payer funded. There is also a mention of Marks & Spencers being in on the Gig, I expect the BBC is also in there somewhere along the line misusing licence payers money.

9/11 7/7 and now 10/10 - all terrorists!

banned said...

I dicussed this with an elderly female schoolteacher and she was horrified even going so far as to cll it "inapropriate" and asked if it was likely to be in the newspapers.

Here is the other one "behind the scenes" which they also deleted.

"I'm very happy to be blown up to save the world".

Longrider said...

But please, don't call this stupid, or an own-goal. It isn't.

Given that sponsors are now distancing themselves, you might want to rethink that analysis.

Woman on a Raft said...

Nope. They may have thought it would be handy if it went viral, tee hee, aren't we clever, but the head honcho has issued a "Look, I'm punching them" statement.

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