Friday, 15 October 2010

Hillary to the rescue of the UK defence Budget

Well gee whizz, thanks for that Hillary, after your press has been savaging the performance of the British Army - Sandal Side, and your President has said the square root of fuck all good about either the British Army or indeed our nation in general. It’s good to know that somebody cares about our helping you out.

Of course the British could be slightly more committed in Afghanistan had somebody not opened their gob again, and again, and again encouraging a country that wants to invade part of our country. Encouraging – just picking an example out of thin air - a part of South America and their desire to colonise a set of islands about 300 miles further away than Chile, Uruguay, Brazil, Paraguay or Bolivia which for some reason they are happy about the ownership of. Heavy Spanish accents, heavily botoxed Presidente, Steak on the menu when you had lunch, lots of mentions of the word Malvinas (something to do with bad air apparently), mostly by what you American Chappies call a Secretary of State and her department. Is this ringing any bells?

Thanks for popping over, don't let the door hit your arse when you leave.

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Henry Crun said...

Hillary's bleating wouldn't have anything to do with a proposed cut back in the order for the F35s which may or may not replace the Harrier, would it?

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