Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Hostage Rescue

Not often I agree with the Daily Mirror but their op-ed coment "However she died, Taliban's to Blame" is spot on – obviously it wasn’t written by Kevin Maguire. The scumbags in sandals who wanted to saw the head off Linda Norgrove, a woman who came to help them and stick the pictures on Al-Jazeera are to blame. Linda Norgrove was no Norman Kember, we can shoot these loonies as fast as their beaten mothers squeeze them out of their wombs via the nearest Madrasah. It’s called “mowing the lawn” in military parlance. But what these aid agencies do will be just as important whether we win or loose in Afghanistan. The US special forces were right to try and free this woman.

The US Special Forces took a risk for a British national, for that we owe the US our thanks. I know if the situation is reversed we would do the same. Obviously the US military will have to have the personal integrity to look at what went wrong and try and fix it next time, again I have no doubt that they will. As much as the UK press will try and slag the Americans off as some weird form of payback for the US media’s stupid public criticism of UK troops, this should be ignored. Both nations are in the same fight, and whilst not brushing our mistakes under the carpet should learn and support each other. That's what friends do for each other.


North Briton 45 said...

The real issue is the misinformation that was allowed to circulate before the realities of the situation were clear. The US Army bears a responsibility for putting this information out in the first place, but a heavy burden lies with a voracious, gung ho, press which needs feeding.

Obviously, the true guilty lies with the Taliban and tragic occurrences, which this appears to have been, cannot ever be ruled out completely.

Travelgall said...

North Briton,
The US were very quick to correct the information that originally came out that it was a Taliban bomb. This is probably due to the Pat Tillman incident. Sorry NBH, I think the US should be commended to fessing up so early.

Your second point is spot on.

subrosa said...

Commended for confessing so quickly? Oh dear.

Do you really think this woman's parents will be delighted they amended their statement within 24 hours? I think not.

Whilst I accept the Taliban are ultimately morally responsible for the woman's death they didn't pull the trigger.

Being a cynic, I think the Americans knew they'd have to 'come clean' because it would become very obvious, once investigations started, that the cause of death was US hardware. They had no option other than tell the truth.

Anonymous said...

It's very easy to paint the septics as gung-ho Rambos, but I have a couple of close friends in the British Army who will tell you otherwise. They tell me that they've had their arses saved by US air power on more than a few occassions, even up to the point that, but for a couple of feet of dirt, it would have been a "friendly fire" incident. This incident is tragic, but the blame truly lies with the taliban, although I do accept the point, that, maybe, Afghanistan isn't suitably safe for aid workers at the minute.
The Twisted Fire Stopper.

Anonymous said...

It is not until you have been the intended target of someone actually shooting a fire-arm that you develop an understanding of what it must take to be involved in a raid such as this one which was intended to rescue an unarmed woman from a bunch of bloodthirsty thugs.
No matter how good and intensive your training your physiological reaction to your own potential death is the same. Your mouth is bone-dry, your adrenaline level makes your heart race and pound and when the action starts EVERY movement in front of you is hostile and has to be countered. That such a raid was mounted speaks volumes for the bravery of those who went in. Not every hostage rescue can succeed, that this raid failed in its objective is no reflection on those involved, no matter how the hostage lost her life.
We ought to be giving thanks to the US forces involved for trying.

Anonymous said...

Whatever the outcome, our response should be "thanks for risking your lives trying to rescue this woman from the medieval psychos who had abducted her with a view to executing her slowly, agonisingly and publicly"
As for the BBC and all the rest of the anti-US shites, I hope every one of them is grabbed the next time they venture East of W1.

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