Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Karl Winn – He’s at it again

Cast your mind back to March and an objectionable arsehole called Karl Winn formerly of a company called Webeurope, now called Pumpkin media and easycms – Thanks Oh what now!. He compared soldiers in a less than favourable light as being worse than Paedophiles, child molesters and drug dealers. Well, according to Arrse He’s at it again and has produced this spectacular piece of drivel for the Tinfoil hat brigade.

It’s full of the usual pro-IRA shite about how all the IRA terrorists shot by the British were “Murdered”, and produced with the sort of accuracy that hardly lends itself to getting this nob to do your website. Apparently the Royal Scottish Guards killed someone called Daniel Hegarty and the Royal Anglicans were involved in Deaths. It also includes the deaths of people by the RUC and Protestant terrorists who it seems are also full time agents of the British State (Which might be a bit of news to the Prod terrorists who spent 25 years at Her Majesty's Pleasure). Fuck all mention of the thousands killed by the IRA of course.

Oh and in order to keep up to date, he’s added civilian deaths in Iraq and Afghanistan in which the Army was involved by being in the same country as where the murders took place. Did some squaddy knock his mum up and then bugger off? I’m looking for other explanations about why this guy has a one man hard on for the British. Who does he think he is – Barack Obama?


The Good Life said...

This company has ripped me off and hundreds of other companies by selling CMS and SEO packages that simply dont work, they then stop taking your calls and lie down the telephone. There are now hundreds of companies that are grouping together to take legal action against a criminal and his buddies who hide behind his 'human rights bollocks'....what about the human rights of all of your previous customers who you have ripped off resulting in hundreds of thousands of pounds. Please can the goverment regulate this industry so people like him cannot trade anymore!

Anonymous said...

This scumbag has set up a website, slandering the armed forces.

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