Friday, 22 October 2010

My take on the Budget Cuts

Look, we know they needed to happen. I suspect they are not enough. And I know the public sector whiners will be on the streets tearing up paving stones to throw through the windows of RBOS. My main beef with it is this…There are too many of the personal Sacred Cows of David Cameron and Nick Cleg left uncut, frozen in aspic they survive because of the personal prejudices of the two leaders. The NHS money pit remains untouched, the Foreign Aid budget remains untouched, and extra money for Trident remains unavailable (although this is probably a 1 term policy). They have let their personal prejudices influence this budget. To Cameron and Clegg, Child support literally is Latte Money. To a family with one high rate taxpayer round the £50k mark and the other on Bugger all it most certainly isn’t spent on Chardonnay at Waitrose.

Look, compared to Red Ed, there’s no competition. But please spare me the “broad shoulders” guff. Your sacred NHS Cow, that has caused me years of misery, remains unreformed. And the “Big Men” of Africa will still be driving Mercedes at my expense, India will still be using British money on the poor instead of their own so they can afford another Nuclear Submarine. If you wanted to shake Bono’s hand, just hire them to play a gig in your back garden like Bill Gates does.


Henry Crun said...

Cutting the child benefit is more likely to result in a fall in booze and tobacco tax revenues.

The Filthy Engineer said...

"another Nuclear Submarine."

Look what happened to the first one. High and dry on a sand bank off Skye.

Ben said...

The indian subs are diesel, not nuclear. They have a nuclear program, nuclear weapons, and a space program, but not nuclear subs.

Just a fact-check for ya.

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