Thursday, 14 October 2010

Something for the Milliband Brothers perhaps.

Why would anyone buy M&S padded briefs for men wanting "frontal enhancement". Imagine picking up a girl whilst wearing these (surely the reason one would buy them is because they think this might be easier). At some point before "making the beast with two backs" is a little bit of manual exploration. "Are those padded briefs?" she'd ask. "Yes. Yes they are", you'd reply.


And before you ask why I was brousing "Lingerie Buyer", a good friend runs Amoralia, who make pretty maternity underwear, and I follow their blog. So there.


H said...

Surely no more than a modern cod-piece? If Henry VIII felt no shame in displaying a preposterous false member, why should I, assuming, entirely hypothetically of course, that I was in any such need?

Jonathan Miller said...

"who make pretty maternity underwear, and I follow their blog. So there." each his own! :-)

The link you posted left me bemused:
"Marks & Spencer's new front-enhancement boxer shorts ... offer a greater side profile with a hidden front [...]

A hidden front what!?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the laugh!


Amoralia London said...

Thanks for the little mention there! We thought that would tickle someone's humour... Just don't ask us why we we're browsing the men's section!

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