Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Airmiles Andy

The wikileaks have drawn Prince Andrew into their net. Am I the only person who doesn’t find what he said a problem? He said the French were a bunch of corrupt arseholes, and that in France, like Kyrgyzstan you needed to bribe politicians to get contracts. Will anybody please contradict this? He reacted “with almost neuralgic patriotism” whenever any comparisons between the US and the UK came up” – which is a bit rich coming from an American. This may be a shock to the US State Department, which is about as patriotic as our own Foreign and Commonwealth Office, but we expect both Americans and members of our own Royal Family to be patriotic. I’d be a bit worried if Prince Andrew of the British Royal Family said Britain was a bit of a dump compared to any country - including the stupendously wonderful United States. And he said Plod's very public SFO nose poke into the Al-Yamama arms deal threatened the Al-Yamama arms deal. No Shit Sherlock.

ZanuLabour MP John Mann said the prince might have to consider his position. But of course, in ZanuLabour world, Patriotism is a disgusting vice. Tell you what John, you pilot a helicopter in the Falklands to use as a decoy to draw Exocet missiles from your warships. Then you get to tell us what’s good for the country. Call me strange if you want, but until then John, I think a person that sticks up for British interests might actually be good for British interests.


banned said...

I read about that in the Telegraph over the weekend and, like you, thought what is the problem. There is nothing odd about what he is reported to have said but it did give the US Ambassador something exciting to report back home about.

Tim Newman said...

I met Prince Andrew once, and in the context of the oil developments of Kazakhstan, which at the time was mostly being done by Agip/Eni, he said "The Italians are as corrupt as shit!" More people would have objected if he'd declared grass is green.

Anonymous said...

You said it TG! PA's comments were surely akin to the leaking of a diplomatic wire saying "pope is catholic"?

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