Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Let it snow

Ok, so we’re not the northern tip of the Barents Sea, so our neighbour Knut doesn’t have a Ski-doo. But FFS we do get snow in England – even in the Home Counties. Why in the name of God’s Arse can’t we get trains to work in this particular weather phenomenon? I had two trains pack up on me today, both because they needed to “reboot” because either the front end or the back end doesn’t work. Who cares if the back end doesn’t work, it has to follow the bloody front end doesn’t it?

And if computers don’t work when its cold, why not wheel out the contents of the National Railway Museum. I bet the fucking Mallard doesn’t need a reboot because of a cock hair's sprinkling of snow. We’d also boost the economy, not only with all the extra anoraks, thermos and pornography Train Spotters would go out and buy; but also because people would actually get to work.

The nobs are putting my season ticket price up £400 next year. Fuck you Southeastern.

Oh I feel a whole lot better.


banned said...

Not just the trains mate, lots of computer operated barriers are fucked up so that it either takes ages to get into the airport, hotel or carpark or they have to abandon their use altogether.

banned said...

Meant to add, terrific pic, any idea which school it is outside of?

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