Thursday, 4 November 2010

Prisoners' right to vote

This seems to be a bit of a problem. And Travelgall has a solution. The Prisoners are allowed to vote. The ballot boxes should be placed in the immediate vicinity of the Prison as to do otherwise would be unfair. I suggest immediately outside the front gates. The prisoners are then invited to try and vote, the guards provided with a suitable amount of sniper rifles and ammunition and then we let the games begin.

Even better, it could be jazzed up for the Telly a bit like Death Race, with Tiger traps lined with Punji stakes, flamethrowers, oiled ropes over piranha infested pits, landmines, and lots and I mean LOTS of Rottweilers. Bit like the Krypton factor assault course but a lot more fun and a ballot box rather than a bronze trophy at the other end.

* NB When it comes to law and order, Travelgall is a teeny bit less liberal than his co-author.


startledcod said...

A pre-follow on would be to require every politician, whether Westminster, EU, Scotch, Welsh or NI, to undertake extensive cell-to-cell canvassing.

It would be interesting to see the liberal MSPs in the Bar L for a bit.

JimmyGiro said...

How about remand prisoners ?

Tarka the Rotter said...

And if they vote, they are on the electoral register, and if they are on the register, they can be called for jury service... neat eh?

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